Do Erotic / Pornographic Games Change Your Taste?

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#1 by shonenkun
2019-07-07 at 01:30

This is a question that has been bothering me for a while and I don't really have a definite answer to it... so instead I'd like to hear your thoughts and answer.

Does playing erotic or pornographic games change your taste of normal anime / games? Do you find yourself bored with games and anime that aren't sexualized now that you've gotten into this sphere? Would you say that you felt more towards the regular anime/games back when you didn't know about all of this? And finally - did you ever have difficulties caring for the characters in regular a./g. after playing a lot of erotic games or, say, watching hentai?
#2 by bobjr2000
2019-07-07 at 02:00
1. Does playing erotic or pornographic games change your taste of normal anime / games?
- I can only speak for myself but no. I don't play games for sex and same for most anime.

2. Do you find yourself bored with games and anime that aren't sexualized now that you've gotten into this sphere?
-No as I said above. The only thing that has changed is that anime that I use to watch that revolved on ecchi harem ect similar stuff I did lose interest all together. Its like a tease that never gracefully tries to tie up any story, the goal is to keep having mc be an idiot/loser. Even the dumb MC in vn I play at least get to get laid to deal with stupid stuff. So I did lose interest in those.

3. Would you say that you felt more towards the regular anime/games back when you didn't know about all of this?
-Same as above I like ecchi shows back then but other than that nothing has changed for anything that I am not watching for sex.

4. Answer still no. I did move on from hentai while I do prefer animation the main advantage was choice/freedom. for hentia you are dragged along story whether like it or not and often felt like they find a way to choose the more stupid and dramatic story while VN was different. I wasn't flapping to things for drama and I like being able to choose who you got to end up with instead of forced situations.

for me its simple when I am horny its easy to just look for porn. When I might get bored or might want some thing more entertaining mostly play games some times watch anime or other shows/sports. I don't look for many mediums outside of VN that combines or sells sex because its mostly crap. Its either bad porn or just selling sex that isn't really that exciting for sex, say something like game of thrones type just boring to me if you watch it for that purpose. VN has always been in category as just porn for me so only seek out when in the mood.
#3 by fuukanou
2019-07-07 at 02:35
1. Does playing erotic or pornographic games change your taste of normal anime / games?
No not really, the problem is I hardly play any games anymore and most of my time is spent reading VNs, of which a large number is H. Anime taste is probably unchanged as well.

2. Do you find yourself bored with games and anime that aren't sexualized now that you've gotten into this sphere?
On the contrary, most of the VNs I've enjoyed the most have not been H, a sign that H hasn't affected my taste a huge amount. Anime has been unaffected, and I didn't like H in games either because it tends to be cheesy fanservice- please keep them separate!

3. Would you say that you felt more towards the regular anime/games back when you didn't know about all of this?
I feel more value for the regular stuff because they don't have the crutch of having good h to pull up everything else. Nukige for the most part have no redeeming trait other than H and unfortunately they make up a good chunk of all VNs these days. Meanwhile anime and games don't have this and they are often as if not more enjoyable.

4. Did you ever have difficulties caring for the characters in regular a./g. after playing a lot of erotic games or, say, watching hentai?
I feel the exact opposite. Not having h and still having good character development is more likely to stay behind in my memory. Bad characters are still bad characters though, h or not.
#4 by shonenkun
2019-07-07 at 02:44
1. I used to see this way, too and it's pretty much the same now, but I've noticed that all of this stuff started to change my perception of normal anime and games. It might be just a trauma, but I'm not sure... partially I think the reason is the way hentai / e-games tell stories and the fact that they have stories. With regular porn it's always just sex, but h./e-g... pretty much all of them try to have some story to it... and some of those stories (if not all of them) are pretty messed up. If you find what you like - yeah, it's good; but anything else is pretty disgusting. I mean, it's just like seeing other people have sex - it's disgusting and somewhat traumatic to look at unless it's porn where the entire point is to watch it once because you like the actor/actress. It's nowhere near games and anime which might influence us and leave a mark in our memory.

2. I understand about the ecchi and harem. I didn't really watch any of those, except Prison School, Queen Blade and a few smaller ones. Prison School - it's still (and will be) one of my favorite anime; they use all of the sexual themes but it's not the main point, you know? It's just there to make a comedic scene and move forward the story which is actually pretty decent - I've read the manga and really liked the way story unfolded.
Queen's Blade - eh, this one... when I realized that I'm spending 20 minutes of my time being half-bored (because the anime is pretty bad, honestly) and then excited when they show some pervy scene - that's when I decided to stop watching anything with ecchi. There are so many great anime to watch...
Though, I'm somewhat lucky because I didn't watch many. But I think they did corrupt my taste in a bit and I wish I would not have seen them.

And yeah, I can agree about harem. When I just started watching anime, Sword Art Online was one of the first ones I ever watched and even then (being one of my first anime), I've noticed how the whole harem thing annoys me. It's like there's one romance (Asuna + Kirito), but they keep making weird harem moments with other girls? Uhhh... why?
And as of harem-focused anime - I think they actually do harm because people are never satisfied. Obviously, it builds up on you wanting to see them in erotic moments but there's not much they can do in such an anime and it's always a bummer. With hentai you always get what you want.

3. But how can you make your mind understand that it's not just for sex? For me what broke this was, again, the fact that h./e.-games often take itself way too seriously. So, even if you just watch it or CTRL it for the sex, you still notice the dialogue and everything.
Then the doujinshi with famous characters - they made bad impact on me. Especially the good ones where they try to make the dialogue seem like something a character would say, or use their catch-phrase, that kind of thing.

I knew a person who is very perverted and they'd seriously look at regular games, anime and think (!) that they are sexualized or there's some "hidden meaning" in moments that have no sex within them. Say, there's a silly joke about tentacles or some character gets kidnapped - boom, that person makes up an entire fan-fiction story inside their head on how that character got raped, molested just because they were captured, or because there's one silly joke about tentacles.
I'm not comfortable with the idea of me becoming like that person. Overall, I didn't have any problems with this and I'd actually avoid any porn except few genres that I like but obviously - whenever you look for something new, you're bound to see all other genres, some of which make you uncomfortable and even traumatize.
I'm curious if anyone's had the same thoughts.

Though, I strongly believe that all we do defines us, it could be just me being easier to traumatize. My mind had always been this way.

I'm trying to figure out what is best for me: to move on from porn completely or to keep the very few genres that I like. But then again, if I keep the ones I like - I am bound to get traumatized by something again. And it's not like you can really go to a psychologist and ask them to help you to forget something bad you saw in hentai - most won't even understand what you're talking about. Plus I don't have money for that.
Anime and games are something I value deeply which is why I'm even thinking about this. I start to get a bit worried when, say, I feel tired to watch something I know I'd enjoy but instead I feel like reading some perverted visual novel.

What do you think?
And thanks for the reply.
#5 by forever-here
2019-07-07 at 02:51
If I wanted gameplay, I'd just go play
If I wanted hentai, I'd just go to hentai. and it rarely happens
If I wanted to fap to a character, I'd just look for game CG compilation

sure it gets boring after a while. still better than going outside.
#6 by shonenkun
2019-07-07 at 02:51

3. That's a great way to look at it, I think. Actually, I have the same with games. I cannot stand violent games, but sometimes there's one-two violent (even overly violent) games that I like a lot, and I've noticed that they give me this "refresher" on why I like the games that I like.

My problem could also be there because I have the bad mentality of "if I need to do something annoying, I'd rather do it once and not do again". So, I'd find a day and try to acquire a list of all that interests me (in terms of porn) so that I won't worry about going through the tags and searches, adn websites again - but obviously it can have a bad impact.
#7 by shonenkun
2019-07-07 at 02:52
#5 why is it bad to go outside?
#8 by forever-here
2019-07-07 at 04:25
#7 because anything beats going outside.

just look at my previous 3 statements. if I wanted X, I'd simply get it. you don't get that 100% reliability when you're outside. If anything the outside will actively try to stop you from getting what you want.
#9 by artumis
2019-07-07 at 06:16
I presume the response will be similar for most. Entertainment for me is fairly "compartmentalized" so my tastes aren't going to particularly shift. That said, and this applies most things, you can certainly be introduced to something which you didn't particularly have an interest in; a genre, music, etc. and that will get added to the lists of interests.

For example, I'll pick up things on sale just to check it out and sometimes I'll find something that I quite like. It won't necessarily change the rest of my tastes though.

As a side note: There is an element of, shall we say, being genre-savvy that can develop over time. Something that might have once been acceptable simply grow old. Fan-service anime or time-sink games (ones that very deliberately waste the players time, not to be confused with long games) were once tolerable but after a few it just becomes obvious my time was better spent elsewhere.
#10 by bobjr2000
2019-07-07 at 06:46
Shonenkun sounds like these are more personal issues and maybe porn just had a bad influence on you too early or something. Or something is closer to home is effecting you and just see it manifest more in these ways. Maybe its personality quirk or possible on spectrum idk. Personal rec talking to a friend or family member you can trust if these things are taking you to level that it traumatizes you daily.

My lazy amateur psychology armchair questions
-Why is porn important to you?
-Why do you value anime and games so much?
-Why is is something you normally enjoy avoiding and instead go to porn?
-Why porn and not something else?
When most people confront trauma they want to over come it if can, not just forget it.
-So why is it so traumatic if you confront these things online? Do you have any real life trauma that can relate to this stuff or any trauma at all?
-Do you think by repressing self causing more stress for you?
-What if you are a pervert would that bother
you so much?
-Assuming adult so won't ask age but if not maybe that might be some other things to think about.

Also can ignore outside question, some proud shut ins on this website doesn't mean its suited for everyone.

And no don't have to answer these questions on here just somethings you might want to ponder and easily might be more relate able questions you can ask self.
#11 by sakurakoi
2019-07-07 at 07:12
There are two concepts which affected our perception of entertainment since time immemorial:

1) Positive Reinforcement, if we like something, we will grow to like it ever more.

2) Normalization and the need for ever more stimulation.

Hence for our tastes not to change, to not go up until we reach the breaking point where we give them up (I know, young ones can't imagine that), moderation is needed before it is too late.

This is the only thing which affects our tastes in whatever if you take aside loosely related experience and plain genetics that make us tend to like something.

Tastes affecting other tastes does not happen, even if they actually meet in the same work, damning comedy (which one would perceive as good) because of the drama (bad one) does not really happen. Similarly is "plot" and "pr0n".

Like already said, if one wants pr0n, one selects p0rn of their choice, if one wants comedy, one selects comedy of their choice. If one wants comedy and pr0n, one selects a work which has both.

Ironically lust is actually that feeling which functions like a switch, if it is off, then we are just not in the mood for it but on the contrary entertainment... that thirst is never quenched, once one is bored, one wants entertainment. How many can just sit around and do nothing? Well, it might appear like some can, like me but that's simply because we have/are entertaining thoughts.

Never mind the time "once I was into philosophy I never grew bored", rather since long I have been writing stories in my head or what some may just very well call "daydreaming", though first it was always when I went to sleep (now I am trained to do it whenever I have to wait, adults waste too much time on waiting for appointments!). Just how do others fall asleep anyway if not like this? Just lying motionlessly and waiting? Well, from my experience I can tell that worrying prevents one from falling asleep.

If your taste changes, it really can be only caused by two things. Either one hobby reached the breaking point, you grow sick of it, get not enough stimuli/too few works are released to cover your free time or you just (re)discovered something. Not rarely the prior leads to the latter.

Though there is also a third, special case: Time-sinks (and long works are not too dissimilar) becoming viable due lots of free time or not because there is only little free time. That is not really a matter of taste however. Works that intend to be just a waste of time obviously tend to become stale much more quickly if they lack stimuli.

Whatever clicker game and Disgaea only have one significant difference besides genre (never mind that being very significant indeed): The SRPG demands of one to think since the maps constantly change along with literary everything. One will have to consider when what combination is viable (especially if you intend to chain geo-panels which can have effect of preventing it through denying lifting, denying color change or being invincible. Being zerg-rushed by clones also does not help.

So ultimately, the only answer one should get to the question in #1 is "Non! Non! Non!".
#12 by kiru
2019-07-07 at 08:33
I'm rarely watching anime nowadays, but if I watch something, it's going to be different stuff from VNs. There's plenty of stuff you won't find in VNs at all. (i.e. simple comedy, iyashi-kei, something without a boring male lead +harem and whatnot) Currently: Asobi Asobase. Refreshing in a lot of ways, as it doesn't give a single damn about being super moe.
That said, playing VNs a lot, does change how you look at anime. Anime is a very different medium, and if you barely watch any, it can be quite refreshing or simply feel bad. One of the biggest differences is how VNs are basically always padded to hell and back and slow, while anime are rushed and generally fast.

As for games, I generally don't care. I was always more the rpg guy, so VNs ended up being a bit more natural to me, than LN, Manga or Anime. Still even today I vastly prefer to play a good core rpg. I don't care what style it is, nor do I care if it has a story or not. (just don't be an annoying story. One of the biggest issues I have with western Rpgs is how you commonly can't ignore the story, so if I don't care about it, it gets quickly annoying)
In other words: If I want "story" I play a VN or watch anime or whatever. Games I play for gameplay. And there's honestly no difference for me, if there's lewd stuff or not. I've gotten to the point, where I kinda have to dig a little to find fun games, but in theory I prefer the "all ages" kind. If lewd stuff dominates the gameplay, I don't have much fun anymore.

Also, there are all-ages VNs as well. I'd honestly like there to be more of them, as the lewd stuff is usually just something that hurts the games. It's not about the lewds itself. It's the quota. Having to have exactly x scenes per route and heroine is just bad, especially with the kb count (=length) of the routes usually also being quite set in stone before everything even starts. Some heroines aren't suited for a lot of scenes. It restricts the writer's freedom by a lot. And outside of nukige I think a VN's biggest job isn't the adult content. Unfortunately, this seems to get really blurry in recent years.Last modified on 2019-07-07 at 08:34
#13 by cyric
2019-07-07 at 09:52
Short answer is probably no I haven't had Vns influence my opinion on other media.
#14 by eltonan
2019-07-07 at 11:34
If there one thing eroge has done for me in regards to other entertainment media (especially anime/manga), its made me release how god awful the Iseaki, Harem and Ecchi genre is.

In regards to Iseaki (and anime in general) I've learned that if the synopsis of the anime sounds more like the step up for a eroge scenario, then avoid that series at all costs because the plot 90 percent of the time going to be self insert, run of the mill/homogenised harem garbage instead of anything genuinely interesting. (This philosophy has helped me avoid SAO, Is it ok to pick up girls in a dungeon, Master of Ragnarok, Eromanga Sensei and Rising of the Shield Hero and I'm honestly happier for it).

In regards to Ecchi, its the reason why I'll never purchase a Dead or Alive or Compile Heart game. Because the gameplay is going to be mediocre at best but more to the point: why the fuck would you spend 60 dollars to have blue balls when there's a cheaper product which actually fulfils a need.

So yes, Eroge has surprisingly actually helped me raise my standards in regards to entertainment media.Last modified on 2019-07-07 at 11:52
#15 by shonenkun
2019-07-07 at 13:00
#8 well, life can't be just about getting what you want, that's not how it works... you wouldn't get all of the VN if people who made them would be shut-ins or would demand others to do it for them.
I've read some of your other messages and I have to say that you're going in a wrong direction. But understand that even if someone tries to help you and you refuse with your "I can't get X in real life", even the nicest person won't pay attention. And they'll go and have a good time while you remain in the boundaries of what you can "get" with this type of thinking and hobby.

I won't talk to you again.

#9 the thing with time-wasting games.... well, it's pretty simple. Most people buy 1-3 games per year and don't play anything beyond that. And it's easier to make a lasting impression if you add a lot of open world stuff and etc.
Some would call playing games or doing any hobbies a "time-waste", and they wouldn't be wrong because if they don't like - it's time-waste for them. But it's not time-waste for people who actually like it. Like I can't understand why people play retro games - there's no story in any of those games, they're old and don't have the depth of current gen games but... that's just their hobby and they like it.
So, "time-waste" is a very subjective term and it's different for everyone.

#10 "too early" you mean in terms of age? My mother is the reason for that. She would purchase pornographic games (not Japanese) using me as an excuse And there were many other things she did that messed up my non-existing sexual education (like using web-cam to talk to people on video chat, have them show their genitals and then call me "hey, come here, son! Take a look, haha!" - because what can be funnier than showing web-cam dicks to a 2nd grader, right?)
Also I accidentally found out those weird pornographic "short stories" they have on the Internet (the messed up ones) and actually read them when I was a child. The worst thing about them is probably how they explained the thoughts - usually when people who don't like any eroge or etc. see perverts, they automatically have a shield against that because they don't imagine the thoughts and what makes a pervert who they are. But since I've actually read some of the messed up "short stories" on the Internet at a young age and took them seriously, it's difficult to take porn as a joke when they actually try to have a story (like those short novels).

The issue is personal, of course but there aren't any family members I can talk to. My father is a drunk douchebag, my aunt is in a house for mentally ill (due to her being constantly bullied by my grandparents), mother is one of those religious "angels" who end up the most disgusting villains when you look closely and step-father is the 100% copy of my father but a bit more responsible (and a whole lot more annoying).
If not for the immigration, I would have already lived by myself but now I'm stuck here not sure for how long...

Answering your questions:
1) porn is not important to me. It's just that I'm more sensitive to this.
3) I don't really avoid my hobbies and just go to porn. But sometimes I feel like not playing/watching something normal and watching/reading erotic things. It makes me worried that this will be more and more prominent and I don't need that.
4) probably because my actual hobbies demand energy in order to enjoy them. I'm probably bipolar or something... very little energy and changes quickly. Plus I am very sensitive to other influences, moods. And I'm not in a good environment currently.
It could also just be fear because a new game or anime have new worlds, when porn - everything works the same.
#16 by shonenkun
2019-07-07 at 13:13
I wouldn't say that I like different things than I did when I was little. As a child, I couldn't really get the appeal of Disney - I don't like it now, too. Disney looks interesting but there's something that makes it very soulless for me. Even Kingdom Hearts which is a mix of anime and Disney - I didn't find myself liking it because it was more Disney than anime.

Same with idol anime or slice of life. I used to watch cheap-made live-action television shows and movies with this. And I watch them now but in the anime format. Of course, they're not the same thing but the core is the same.
When I discovered anime, I've realized what I've been missing and what I've been looking for. So, in a way I'm lucky because I was able to find something that I like a lot. So, in any way I wouldn't say that my taste has ever changed - I like the same things and always did.
If you had to give up on something - then you never actually liked it. Well, it's easier for me to say because I've never been a part of this "everyone likes it - so I must like it, too". My mind is somewhat fragile but I was always true to myself.
And I wouldn't say that "if anyone wants porn - they choose porn", it's not as simple. There's many things that affect someone's choice, especially if they (most people) grew up in normal conditions or around other people. Hype, what everyone likes, etc.
I feel bad for people who don't have the freedom of mind and can't find what they actually like. My grandmother would often try to take a peek at the games I played, then she'd try to find some little things to pick on, like "how do they not see him sneaking up on them?" (if I was playing a stealth game), etc.. There's a certain switch that doesn't let some people like what they like and I'm somewhat lucky to not have this switch within me. It's the same as "it's just fiction" switch that so many people have...
#17 by shonenkun
2019-07-07 at 13:19
#12 yeah, I agree about sexual stuff hurting some games. But it's just the way Japan is, sadly - they have a problem with moe and all that. Sometimes it's just the issue with funds. If you tell your publisher that you're just making a shoujo VN - ehh, will they want to make something that has young girls as the main target audience? But if you add a sexual version of it and grab the otaku audience (which will obviously pay for the VN) - your novel has more chances of being approved for funding.
Sadly, games and anime are not as easy to make as books or manga. When writing books/manga all you need is your skills, talent and a pen but games always require funding and all that.
#18 by butterflygrrl
2019-07-07 at 14:02
i like things with sex, i like things without sex.

i don't understand the people who think games are automatically worthless if they contain sex, or automatically worthless if a five-second animation is altered to remove a nipple flash.
#19 by shonenkun
2019-07-07 at 14:18
#18 not automatically worthless. But usually things with sex are built on lust. And lust is not a virtue.
It's similar to comparing adventure novels to self-help books or erotic novels. It might be interesting to read erotic novels because of the sexual drive, but once the sexual drive is gone, will you enjoy it the same way?Last modified on 2019-07-07 at 14:24
#20 by cyric
2019-07-07 at 15:16
Yes, you can still enjoy them the same way. Also no such thing as ''virtue'' as objective morality does not exist. ''Virtue'' can be used in justification of abhorrent things dependant on whose definition of virtue you're going for. Lust is a neutral emotion, it can be both bad and good dependant on the motivation, recipient or other factors, you could fuck a consenting adult which is morally completely fine or go rape, which harms and is therefore wrong. (I'm going with my own morality here.)Last modified on 2019-07-07 at 15:26
#21 by shonenkun
2019-07-07 at 15:28
#20 well, not to be rude but a person interested in drugs is usually not the one who would be supportive of anti-drug programs and initiatives, and all of the moral code against drugs.

Virtues have existed far longer than any of the visual novels, keep that in mind.
#22 by cyric
2019-07-07 at 15:32
You're assuming drugs are morally wrong, which they're not. You're also comparing drugs which have serious malus to both society, the enviroment and the person indulging in them to lust, which has no negative connotation excluding societial pressures from zealous maniacs wanting to impose their own moral code on others.
Lust isn't morally wrong as it causes no damage to yourself or others.
And virtues are completely subjective, or are you going to stop eating meat because veganism is a virtue in Jainism?
Also I'm going to stop here, and drawing from real life in general, I don't want it to go where it went last time.Last modified on 2019-07-07 at 16:47
#23 by shonenkun
2019-07-07 at 15:37
"Fucking" someone who gives consent is not fine. It's not as simple as you want it to be. There is a number of reasons why young girl agree to the whole "daddy" type relationship and I've seen such people - just because they agree to it, doesn't mean it's okay. You have to think deeper than that.

When you throw out a pack of used batteries instead of recycling them, the world doesn't change in the same minute. It takes time and you won't necessarily see the consequences. But every action has its consequence - sooner or later. Same as "fucking" a consenting adult. Not even mentioning the way you cling to the whole "adult" term. People don't age easily and just because they are 18, doesn't mean they are smarter/less smarter than of other age.

Your entire comment sounds like something a rapist would say, honestly. "She's 18 and she wanted me to rape her, so deal with it, dear court".
I will not converse with you again.

Honestly, it was a mistake to expect any kind of proper answer here. From "I don't want to go outside" to "I can fuck everything as long as they agree. And it doesn't matter that whatever it is I fuck may not even be able to make these decisions. Don't care."

Think about it for a moment and understand that normal hobbies don't have people who even think (!) of saying such things, at least not in such large amounts.

This is my last reply here. You are not ready for this discussion.
#24 by shonenkun
2019-07-07 at 15:38
Then I saw your message about drugs not being morally wrong - yup, you've got no morality and your case is truly lost.

Make society a service - never have children, okay?Last modified on 2019-07-07 at 15:38
#25 by cyric
2019-07-07 at 15:41
Ok, I have no rational words for you to be quite honest, I hope you're trolling I really do. kek
And to at least try to answer to others. No, you shouldn't fuck anyone that agrees as children cannot give consent (and some mentally challenged adults) , but otherwise yep it's fair game. Have fun.
As long as it doesn't hurt others, drugs are ok. Currently doing a streak of caffeine, too bad weed here is illegal damn.Last modified on 2019-07-07 at 16:06


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