Can someone recommend a good route order

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#1 by bossybear11
2019-07-08 at 06:27
I am now at the branch choices to pick the girls. Can someone recommend some good order for the girls. I like all the girls and have a hard time choosing because it will take time too finish one route (from experiencing all tone work's previous game).

And my impression playing the prologue it's just like Summer Pocket from Key link maybe because it is summer and have mystery about Touka(and I had a hard time choosing the route order too because the prologue are too short in there too).Last modified on 2019-07-08 at 06:47
#2 by rexalidus
2019-07-09 at 01:14
I've only finished Touka, Kanna, ane Seira, and from my impression it'a best to choose Touka first because the most big plot on the prologue are all for her route. Seira and Kanna have almost no connection whatsoever in that prologue.
Kinda waste of such good plot for me but hey, it's tone work's, all of them are godly good for me
#3 by ichigokami
2019-07-09 at 12:15
Touka 1st as her after branches into the side heroines > Rein > Uguisu. Seira and side heroines in whatever order you feel.

Toukas route sees the most usage of the timeleep messages.

Rein is the most "toneworks" route, explanations for how the time messages work and why it was created are in this.

Uguisu route, I cried. A lot.

At the very least do Touka before Uguisu.Last modified on 2019-07-09 at 12:18
#4 by bossybear11
2019-07-09 at 15:16
Thank you #2 and #3 it's really a helpfull reply. I think i'll through Seira>Touka>Kanna>Rein>Uguisu> Kiriko or Kirari (if i have time).Last modified on 2019-07-09 at 15:24


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