Game Original Soundtrack

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#1 by tbhoang12
2019-07-08 at 14:17
Enjoy this soundtrack on soundcloud guys !!
All song's titles were translated by me from Jap > English , im Vietnamese so pardon me if there are anything wrong with Translation ^^

Disc 1 link

Disc 2 link

Buy game and soundtracks to support dev team , creators ^^ Hopefully someone will translate this game into English :D
#2 by fuukanou
2019-07-08 at 15:18
If you want people to buy the soundtrack you need to make it scarce enough on the internet that people are motivated to actually buy it, uploading it illegally on the internet is doing the opposite dumbass.

edit: okay so I got a bit snappy. Admittedly anyone who just wants the music would just extract it from the game, and it's only dedicated fans/collectors who would buy the physical soundtrack, but it's still piracy.Last modified on 2019-07-08 at 15:27
#3 by tbhoang12
2019-07-08 at 15:57
i did followed the rules and fair use rights on Soundcloud , thats why they didnt take down my uploads >> So yeah its not piracy at all


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