100% Walktrough

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#1 by deepweb666
2019-07-09 at 13:00
< report >Any walktrough for English version? Seems i can't unlock "Leave it to me" choice when Mai-chan is in the house
#2 by usagi
2019-07-09 at 15:29
< report >I suspect it can't be unlocked unless you have save file from previous game.
#3 by deepweb666
2019-07-10 at 04:13
< report >Previous game? Mai no Tsubomi?.
Does it mean, i can't unlock the choice if i don't have save file from the prequel?
#4 by lolichad
2019-08-08 at 04:43
< report >nah, I got 100% of the CGs without even having the other game installed
iirc you have to finish the game once and restart it to unlock the choice
#5 by Nayko93
2021-07-13 at 00:42
< report >I finished the game, started a new one and still can't click on "leave it to me"
#6 by reonerux
2021-11-23 at 03:43
< report >Maybe it's a little late... but to unlock the 100% u have to finish the game once, and then when u start a new game, almost at the beginning, in the first kiss scene, click the new option "cancel". And that's all, now u can skip and click "leave it to me" to unlock the mai's ending.


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