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#1 by eacil
2019-07-09 at 20:56
Like Jast decided to sit on Empress' licenses one more year, I decided I had enough and play Sei Shoujo's games all by myself. See, Jast, I am playing Mahjong Gensoukyoku and YOU WILL SEE NO MONEY!!!
Take that.

I played mahjong only at a very noob level. (Still 10 ten times funnier than poker, that's for sure.)
Without yaku (the "combinations" they told me, we will play without them...).
I tell you, playing against that CPU CHEATER is a crash course on mahjong. I was fine for 2/3 of the game, one-shoting the girls without any understanding of anything apart from pin-chii-ping-pong rules and stuck like a moron with yaku-less hands, wondering what I was missing with this damn game. I could even win by just being in tenpai against nopai (awarding you 1000 points).
When, suddenly, the CPU shamelessly started cheating with gold hands and luck of the devil. Every time it was a couple of moves from riichi. Not only it forced me to read the rules (poor me) but I had to master them if I wanted to have a chance. Luck is not enough because of the big 10k+ points gap between you and your opponent, preventing you from snipping her with petty hands when she can turn the table with a single 20k+ points victory.
It's very frustrating but considering the limitation of the IA from that era, I think they had no other way to inject challenge.
Now that I have 100% the story mode I am ready for the pro league.

It's a 2 players version, which means it's less interesting.
There is little interest in open hands like you have 3 times less discard. Like the CPU is cheating, you have little time to build anything worthy before meeting your fate.
I believe you win most of the time because you hog the same tiles as your opponent and the CPU is not good enough to be able to switch gears so it's stuck.

Beyond the mahjong, the game sucks asses.
Sei Shoujo is still a young fella with a very very amateurish style. He drew the game with three other guys and I was literally unable to spot what he drew from the other contributions.

It has almost no bit of his current obsessions aka femdom (apart the receptionist who look like a prototype of Leona) but is the most run of the mill fallen prince is searching for princess and meet (naked) girls on the way kind of story. I could resume it in two sentence and nothing would be lost.
Of course, he has a female slave sidekick and the relation between Ling and Raspberry is pretty much the only thing that is developed to an extent and bring a tiny bit of emotion toward the end.

Like it's a mahjong game, everything is a bad excuse to start mahjong battles. You are either randomly attacked by women or entering tournaments for reasons as bad as needing money to eat.
Like it's a mahjong game, there is no sex but stripping, which is so lame. It's not even round based teasing like what stripping is supposed to be, no, you win and for some reason the clothes are torn by the power of sword-mahjong.

I doubt I will play the two sequels (or just to see if Sei Shoujo improved) and focus on other mahjong games (I can think of three others) hoping for a better story than this amateurish empty stack of clichés.
Even if I was only preoccupied with mahjong, I don't see why I would choose this one considering I have no reason to believe it's programmatically better than the others and the presentation is bare-bones. A pic of the girl, few reactions. That's it.Last modified on 2019-07-09 at 22:18
#2 by surferdude
2019-07-09 at 23:35
I thought Sei Shoujo only did the art for the 2001 versions of Part 2 and 3.
You're saying he also worked on the originals, huh?
#3 by eacil
2019-07-10 at 00:48
Everything he is credited on vndb is true for the PC98 release of the first Mahjong Gensoukyoku, apart maybe from character-design which I am pretty sure the guy who added it extrapolated: original picture, scenario, digitize. There is no reason it shouldn't apply to the other releases as the website confirms it.
About part 2 and 3, no idea, but jazz checked the 2001 and PC98 credits so I believe you can trust them too.


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