What do you consider "Finished" or "Dropped"?

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#1 by r0fltop
2011-03-11 at 04:32
< report >I noticed how I put "Finished" on a vn that I've only read 2/4 routes on, and "Dropped" on another with the same amount read. (I stopped reading both of them, don't plan on going back so I can't label it "stalled".) Although, that's one of many examples. (There are some that's 1/5 read and I put finished or dropped, etc)

Even after discussing with some of my friends, I still don't have a clear picture as to how to label them, so I figure it's best to get more opinions on it in general before I decide. (I also realize this is probably one of the most unimportant points to bring out and is most likely different from person to person, but it's been bugging me out so here I am.)

So, here's my question to you: If you've only read a couple of routes (but not the whole thing) and decide to stop reading it, do you consider it "finished" or "dropped"? For those that consider it "finished", is there a certain criteria to meet before you label it as such? (i.e. at least 1/2 routes read, or maybe it has to be a forced story, etc.)

Also, sorry if the title is semi misleading, I can't think of one that's not extremely long.
#2 by soketsu
2011-03-11 at 05:10
< report >So you're done with it.
"dropped" is more fit. You weren't able to FINISH reading em, right?
#3 by r0fltop
2011-03-11 at 15:29
< report >That's what I was leaning towards at first, since it logically made sense. I believe it was some random gut feeling that made me think otherwise (I finished reading through a route and felt like I completed it.) so I started thinking of exceptions towards it. (Like reading the main heroine if there's no true route, or the main branch. One of my friends said it's like skipping side quests to an rpg, which sort of made sense to me at the time.) Once I started thinking about it that way, I confused myself more than I needed by adding ridiculous nitpicks.

Anyhow, thanks; my random confusion is starting to clear.
#4 by surferdude
2011-03-11 at 18:45
< report >Yep, "Dropped" seems correct. In my case, "Finished" is when I have 100% CG completion.
#5 by blackiris
2011-03-11 at 22:17
< report >Finished - all good/true endings cleared + all CGs.
Dropped - never happened before... but if I got fed up with some moronic eroge, I'd just drop it and that's it.
#6 by azathoth
2011-03-11 at 23:10
< report >I put finish on the game when I feel like I've done enough with it and ended it all with a nice feeling of happiness after reading it. I don't want to force myself to read routes I'm not interested in which may end up making me rate the game lower than I initially thought.
Dropped is what I put on games I either stop in the middle of a route due to being extremely bad or when I generally don't like the game and stop it after just finishing one or two routes.

I probably don't make too much sense since it all really comes down to gut feeling. But at least I'm sure what I put on them and I don't have any second thoughts about it (unless I pick up a dropped game again).
So I don't think 100% CG is needed to finish the game. After all, it's "finished" as in you're done with it and not "complete" like it's completed. So if it were "Complete" instead of "Finished" I might have thought different.
#7 by loctar87
2011-03-12 at 05:40
< report >I think it really depends on the game. For some games, 100% full completion would take a painfully long amount of time. I mean, who here has achieved 100% in Utawarerumono? I think "Finished" means "I've finished as much as a sane person would".
#8 by sazabi
2011-03-12 at 12:07
< report >for me "finished" is when most routes are cleared, maybe missing a few CGs that i cant be bothered to get

"dropped" are for really crapped games i can not be bothered to complete
#9 by darkmind35
2011-03-12 at 21:51
< report >Varies depending on VN.
With games that have almost identical/briefly branching routes, f.ex Sharin no Kuni, I'm satisfied doing only one and consider it "finished".
But if you've read only one route from, say, Yume Miru Kusuri or Fate Stay/night then you've only played 1/3 of the game and should consider it "dropped".

And I don't think you need to hunt down every bad end from VNs like Remember11 or Fate Stay/Night to have "finished" the game.

EDIT: G-Senjou no Maou, was something of a borderline case for me as I only read Haru's route, but I still think that I "finished" the main storyline, solved all the mysteries etc. etc. and I've heard that the other routes aren't worth playing. In the end it comes down to your own judgement.Last modified on 2011-03-12 at 21:58
#10 by azathoth
2011-03-13 at 00:54
< report >
G-Senjou no Maou, was something of a borderline case for me as I only read Haru's route, but I still think that I "finished" the main storyline, solved all the mysteries etc. etc. and I've heard that the other routes aren't worth playing. In the end it comes down to your own judgement.
It wasn't really a borderline case. The whole plot happened in the main storyline (the last chapter just happened to have Haru as main heroine so the fact that it's "her" route is a bit off imo). The branching routes were not important at all in regards of the main story. So if you finished "Haru's" route, the main route, you've finished the game.
I'm saying this as a person who finished all the routes and I hope I made at least some sense.Last modified on 2011-03-13 at 00:55
#11 by adhinferno
2011-03-14 at 01:11
< report >I put "Finished" for the VN that i have cleared all of it's routes. But, for "big" VN like Fate Stay/Night, I put "Finished" when i have cleared a route that make me satisfied. And I put"Dropped" on VN that I won't play anymore. Because it's boring or I'm too busy with other games that is better than it.


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