Developer changed?

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#1 by lywzc
2019-07-11 at 14:17
I don't know how to title the question.
Dokidoki Oyakodon ~Mama mo Issho ni Obenkyoukai~ is developed by Rolling Star, at the time Shining Star did not exist yet (The HP was open on 2008/06/19 while the game is released on 2007/10/12).
However at least since 2008/08/30 the game is listed in the products page of Shining Star (link).
And at least since 2008/09/13 the game is unlisted from Rolling Star's HP (link).
Which effectively means this game and several others are "transfered" from Rolling Star to Shining Star.
I want to know is it appropriate to add Shining Star as developer and publisher to these games. And how about remove Rolling Star as developer and publisher from these games.


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