Can you identify the anime figures Takumi has?

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#1 by clousephinat
2019-07-11 at 14:43
The blonde girl with a school bathing suit is most likely Fate from Nanoha, there's also another blonde girl next to the Seira figure which seems to be Erika from Fortune Arterial since she wears the same red clothes, and to the left below the mentioned figures that's clearly Saber from Fate. Does someone know the characters from the other figures?Last modified on 2019-07-11 at 15:11
#2 by fuukanou
2019-07-11 at 15:11
Would be real useful if you could post a picture...
#3 by clousephinat
2019-07-11 at 15:34
Well, I thought anyone reading this would have already read the VN. Anyway here:


#4 by eacil
2019-07-11 at 19:21
#5 by clousephinat
2019-07-11 at 22:02
Okay... If my game was also with that much great resolution when playing it I would have definitely recognised other characters that are already mentioned there.

Anyway thanks, so I'm pretty sure some of those ??? regarding to the figures in the bottom can be added to the ones I mentioned myself, if someone doesn't know the characters I mentioned I'll also post some pictures so you guys can tell.

Fate Testarossa (this show is actually very popular in japan unlike in the rest of the world, so I'm not surprised myself): link

Sendou Erika: link

I do have to wonder how Nitroplus did even get the rights to include certain characters that are not their own in Chaos;Head, but that's cool of them doing it.Last modified on 2019-07-11 at 22:03
#6 by eacil
2019-07-11 at 22:46
Because C;H is not only Nitroplus but even more 5pb./Mages. and both have tons of business relations. Mages. is a big cash factory which also produces mediocre anime.

We are talking about in-game advertising so some might even have been willing to pay to end up in Noah.

I don't think it was hard to fill those shelves with some variety.Last modified on 2019-07-11 at 22:47
#7 by clousephinat
2019-07-12 at 20:13
Ah yes, I know of course that the game is not only Nitroplus, unfortunately I don't think Nitroplus will ever work with 5pb/Mages anymore, but I said Nitroplus because Chaos;Head is one example of a good horror VN made by them, and without them I don't think Chaos;Head would have been even a thing in the first place, and that includes Steins;Gate and all the other sequels.

I guess it does make sense the variety of figures in the Noah version with not only characters of works made by Nitroplus since the series were able to be already popular by then.Last modified on 2019-07-12 at 20:15
#8 by shinytentacool
2019-07-12 at 21:12
I consider myself an expert on Saber figurines and there's no Saber figurine with that pose. They basically just grabbed the Fate/stay Night sprite and pasted it

Which is whatever but you'd be surprised at how some games/anime actually bother replicating actual figurines. I remember the real ass Mikuru figure from Genshiken


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