VNs for Japanese beginners chart

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#1 by kappamaki
2019-07-13 at 18:38
I had a chart with VNs reccomended for learning, but I had a hard drive crash some time ago and only now realised that I never put it anywhere else. I tried to look it up now, but I can't find it, and everyone seems to link the same goolag docs page instead.

Does anyone have that image, or a good list that isn't walled off by goolag? I've been blocking them for so long that recently when I caved in and unblocked it for something else it didn't work anyway(neither docs nor drive).Last modified on 2019-07-13 at 18:41
#2 by altem
2019-07-13 at 20:21
Image I found on /jp/ years ago. Sadly, doesnt have much details on each VNs.

And are you perhaps talking about this doc? Because you said the doc you were trying to access is from 'goolag' and even mentioning it twice. Dunno if that's a different name that people use for google nowadays but if it is then sorry for the redundancy.
#3 by tomtheerogeman
2019-07-14 at 00:07
If you liked the first link in post #2, you should see link as well. That might be the chart you're thinking about, idk.

Also, nukiges are generally easier to read than the games that make it on these lists, as sticking to one specific topic (sex) really shortens the learning curve when you start out. The easiest VN I've ever read would have to be Nanami to Konomi no Oshiete ABC, and the HD version is also the most reasonably priced VN I can find considering its length. Of course, whether or not you'd actually want to read it...
#4 by kappamaki
2019-07-14 at 06:45
#2 Thanks! I had a different version of that image with short descriptions added, but I can find them here anyway. And yes, I think that's the doc.

#3 Saved, thank you too. And yeah, that is right up my alley.
#5 by kiru
2019-07-14 at 08:18
Just try something you want. That's the only valid answer. There are definitely better and worse choices, but nothing beats personal motivation. And if you actually know more Japanese, you can always go back.

There are things like "heavy comedy is a bad idea" or "don't do heavy chuuni", but I dunno. The best first VN is one with a readily available translation anyway.

As such it's better to actually choose a few interesting looking things and then ask what's best of those at the right place, if there is no translation and you want it that way. (i.e. you already did something like that)Last modified on 2019-07-14 at 08:19
#6 by shinytentacool
2019-07-14 at 17:38
>Having to read moege to practice japanese
Don't do this to me
#7 by pramit
2019-08-29 at 14:05
Read nekopara. It even has a option where you can display the japanese and english translation (or romaji) side by side.
edit: Karakara also has a "bilingual display" optionLast modified on 2019-08-29 at 14:49


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