smartphone conversation ?

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#1 by fhc
2019-07-16 at 14:45
sorry bad english

Like several other people I play hentai games using machine translator.

Too bad nowadays several games have smartphone conversation, that is a screen of a smartphone with text that cannot be hooked by machine translator.

This makes me very sad, I am understanding 100% of the plot, too bad show up a smartphone conversation I cannot understand what is happening, why Madoka called the protagonist at 10:00PM to help him to escape teacher punishment, what Madoka was doing at late of night in the street ? Is impossible for me to know since it was explained in smartphone conversation

Does smartphone conversation happens a lot in the game ? Someone played it until the end yet ? If smartphone conversation happens a lot maybe is better to drop this game, I hate to play a game and be unable to understand what is happening. I hate smartphone conversation in games because of it.

Does this game have a lot of more smartphone conversation ?
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#3 by nise
2019-07-16 at 23:08
he went to eat outside and got caught by the teacher.
And yes it does happen a lot.
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#5 by fhc
2019-07-17 at 15:18
Thank you very much, nise Then I will gave up about to play the game. I am really liking this game a lot, but, really have so much smartphone conversation and it is very much frustrating. Makes me sad.
#6 by sanipasc
2019-07-18 at 23:29
#5 Well, you can always use a dictionary. Of course is quite 面倒くさい but well, if you like the VN that much I think it is worthy!
#7 by eacil
2019-07-18 at 23:41
Or use an OCR. Less 面倒くさい (if there is enough contrast).
#8 by crusader325
2019-09-09 at 05:24
yeah i too bad with the smartphone conversation, currently pending my play through...


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