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#1 by nash21
2019-07-21 at 19:21
Sup peeps, any updates on the translation process? Seems stuck to me
#2 by tomm01p
2019-07-21 at 20:11
I think the % of completion actually went rapidly up this year opposed to the previous ones, but yeah Sekai isn't exactly fast about translating this.

The fact that they've announced they'll be doing a Kickstarter to fund physical copies shows promise that they maybe want to finally start taking Rewrite seriously, but I wouldn't bet on it realistically. If we get it in 3 years we'll be lucky.Last modified on 2019-07-21 at 20:13
#3 by marcop
2019-08-16 at 00:23
i think is stuck since amaterasu dropped the translation in 2014
#4 by asaki
2019-08-16 at 00:52
Well I think we wouldn't be able to get this fast because Sekai was still not finished with Rewrite yet, and considering what happen with the translator recently (You know what happen right?) I don't think that Sekai would finished the main VN quickly unless they find another translator fast.
#5 by diabloryuzaki
2019-08-16 at 02:46
never expect SP will translated rewrite in 3 years because they have too many to do list. it is just where we hope someone grab amaterasu work progress and continue it as fan translation


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