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#51 by saberxj
2011-03-16 at 17:20
< report >ya ok I got it I'll try and be more politicaly correct... so here's a question which would you guys rather have had translated first? Shin Koihime or the first Koihime?
#52 by usasoldiern
2011-03-16 at 18:41
< report >The first one..because it's first?
#53 by dacasa
2011-03-16 at 19:07
< report >^You don't get answers more logical than that one.
#54 by justinizhere
2011-03-16 at 19:47
< report >
The first one..because it's first?
#55 by saberxj
2011-03-17 at 03:03
< report >but Shin Koihime is ALMOST the EXACT same thing except with a few more bits and peaces. why would you want the first one translated when you could get the EXACT same thing except with more?
#56 by araya
2011-03-17 at 13:09
< report >Because it's not the EXACT same thing, SKM is not an add-on. There's more characters but less scenes for each ones, especially for the char from Shu.
#57 by himitsukou
2011-03-17 at 13:22
< report >Also, the first Koihime game was translated, not the second.
#58 by kiru
2011-03-17 at 13:42
< report >@55: Shin Koihime isn't "more" than Koihime. It's an alternative version.

"Better" versions of a game don't get their own VN entry. (Like Little Busters and LB EX) At first Shin Koihime had no own entry as well, but then someone who actually read both noticed that as wrong, so it was changed. See link (post 7)Last modified on 2011-03-17 at 13:43
#59 by saberxj
2011-03-18 at 03:45
< report >oh? so you've played the game Kiru?(Not being sarcastic/really does want to know)
#60 by sanzeng
2011-03-18 at 15:43
< report >this game is way better than original i think
#61 by eyeless
2011-03-18 at 17:34
< report >To clear things up about the difference of Koihime and Shin Koihime:

First, Shin Koihime is alternative version of the first game. That means, protagonist and some heroines are the same in both games, but story is told differently, and many events in these games are different too.

In Shin Koihime you could select one of three factions will join right before the start of the game. People of that faction will find protagonist first after he will come to koihime world, and he will join them. Also, if you are playing Shoku route, protagonist will not be the ruler as in the first game - this place is taken by another heroine, Ryuubi Gentoku.

Since there are 3 different routes this time, and a lot of new girls added, the story turned out to be less detailed. Battles and historic explanations became even more overshadowed by heroines events. I think it is rather hard to understand what's going if you didn't read Romance of the Three Kingdoms or at least original Koihime Musou first.

Battles are not changed too much. In fact, the most significant change is 2d -> 3d.
It is still the same turn-based rock-paper-scissors scheme, though with some additional effects.

And of course, the main point of this game - girls. There are lots of them. I think, two times more than in the original Koihime.
Protagonist's harem includes 11 girls on Go route, 15 on Gi route and 23 on Shoku making it 49 heroines in total! If I remember it right, on the Gi route protagonist even gets a nickname - "Gi studhorse". ^_^

Don't know how to conclude, so i'll just express my opinion instead: both games are avesome and of course both are worth to play! They have enough differences so even if you select Shoku route, you would not think you are playing the same game again.
#62 by justinizhere
2011-03-19 at 00:07
< report > i want to read SKM...
#63 by sazabi
2011-03-19 at 06:07
< report >really hope MG get enough sales of KM, so this would at least get a slim chance to get translated
#64 by akirarinkitori
2011-03-19 at 06:23
< report >i read somewhere, the most the can sell for one game is 1.2k until NOW which are years
they're setting an unrealistic goal it seems, sigh
#65 by justinizhere
2011-03-19 at 07:05
< report >
they're setting an unrealistic goal it seems, sigh
MG didn't set this goal, it was needed to make profit off the VN, and it failed. so chances of seeing SKM are slim to none.
#66 by kiru
2011-03-19 at 10:04
< report >No, it was a goal to make profit even with licensing voices. (which are supposed to be quite expensive)

Still, I doubt Shin will come as well, Koihime wasn't the miracle they kinda hoped for. It was pretty much a given though... it's not really a superb game by all means. I still think it was a bad idea to license something which has an anime which most think is "shit". I'd guess Shuffle has sold most for them (correct me if I'm wrong) because it actually has a good anime adaption.
#67 by fujifruit
2011-03-19 at 11:56
< report >I'd love to argue about shuffle being a 'good' adaption.

Koihime has sold more than Shuffle,btw.
#68 by kiru
2011-03-19 at 13:22
< report >
Koihime has sold more than Shuffle,btw.

Then it would be a big success. Especially given that Shuffle is out for a long time already. So, any source?
#69 by fujifruit
2011-03-19 at 13:25
< report >Twitter and MangaGamer Irc.
#70 by kiru
2011-03-19 at 17:03
< report >"Koihime Musou's sales so far have been the amount that Shuffle sold in its first 5 months of release!" then?

Well, I don't want to press this, but should it really have bigger sales than Shuffle until now then it shouldn't be a flop. (the "until now" is important... when they initially released shuffle they were much less known and the VN community was smaller as well. In the last 1-2 years quite a bit of stuff was released, be it commercial or fan-TL)
#71 by tthammy
2011-07-15 at 19:16
< report >k so wilt here be a skm translated version? -_- i curse myself for not being able to read japanese
#72 by pendelhaven
2011-07-15 at 19:57
< report >Who doesn't?

As for me, I'm so sick and tired of our copy-paste tele-drama plot-twist that I just migrated "somewhere" just for the heck of it; and stumbled in here ^^

also, stop reviving old threads.Last modified on 2011-07-15 at 20:03
#73 by tthammy
2011-07-17 at 12:48
< report >i am just woundering is there someone or something working on this ?
#74 by ekzekutora
2011-09-27 at 22:01
< report >Well ... you guys have it easy I suppose (the ones buying games and not pirating 'em).
Where I live we hardly get enough money for living expenses and even while we don't have things like car, motorcycle, have only 1 mobile phone for the entire family... I am not proud that I pirated the only 3 games I played but I am not sorry for it. To buy even 1 of those games I alone must work at least 20 days to pay for it ... that equals starvation.


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