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#1 by ahboy99
2019-07-25 at 06:50
From I know,some china mainland people criticize this CN group for MTL(Machine translation) used by baidu TL.If you want to play the game for this group release,you're been warned.
#2 by warfoki
2019-07-25 at 09:27
I mean, I've never read anything from them, can't even read Chinese, but just a I guessed it to be at least partially MT based, just based on their insane releases schedule. Like, they are releasing 10-30 hour VNs almost monthly, along with a slew of shorter titles. That's just not feasible if you want quality work.Last modified on 2019-07-25 at 09:27
#3 by eacil
2019-07-25 at 11:00
Remind me: what do we do about amateur MTL?
I am already sick at how vndb does free advertising for those SakuraCrap fuckers just because they are "pro" (I know, I know).
Those people really have no dignity.
#4 by warfoki
2019-07-25 at 11:04
Well, if it's proven MTL, we remove it. Thing is, from what I understand, they have been accused of doing MTL, but they deny it and technically there's no clear evidence either way, it's kind of an ongoing controversy. In which case we probably shouldn't be acting as the judges over this.
#5 by donkeyskin
2019-07-25 at 12:01
those SakuraCrap

People who have read their releases could assign the Spelling Errors tag to those games if they think it applies.
#6 by diabloryuzaki
2019-07-25 at 13:41
did someone said SakuraCrap but forget Sekai?
#7 by warfoki
2019-07-25 at 13:48
Sekai Project translations are actual translations at least. Sure, very far from the best, but serviceable. SakuraCrap, as you've called it does full machine translations with little to no editing, which leave the English completely broken and barely intelligible a lot of times. Not the same thing.
#8 by lywzc
2019-07-25 at 15:48
This group along with Xinyuanwu Hanhuazu is notorious due to multiple reasons.
Machine Translation, Paid Translation, adding possibly malicious code in their patches, etc.
They are banned in most Chinese VN societies due to their behaviour.Last modified on 2019-07-25 at 15:53


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