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#1 by rampaa
2019-07-26 at 01:42
So, there's this rumor about how Sad Panda (ie. exhentai) will be shut down because of some sort of new law change in Netherlands. Is this legit? Does this mean VNDB is in danger? link (notice the .nl part) led me believe Yorhel lives in Netherlands and VNDB is being hosted there. So I fear this might endanger VNDB itself as well (provided if the rumor is true). So I'd like to get insight on the matter.
#2 by warfoki
2019-07-26 at 02:02
Oh for fuck's sake. I'm just beyond sad now. I have been a regular on exhentai, and not just for finding fap-material. Has been using it for tagging purposes, to follow a whole bunch of webcomics and the like, to find new artists, games, doujins, many of which I ended up paying for. I've found some of my favorite stuff through them, not just H. I don't know a single site that would be 10% as comprehensive. I have absolutely no idea what I'm goign to use as a substitute, I've never used any other site. I know about and nhentai, but are woefully incomplete compared to exhentai. My best hope is that someone will make a mirror site, like what happened with nyaa. Except, making a mirror site for for a torrent site is much easier than one for a image host site with literally millions of images. I don't think the twelve hours will be enough for that. I mean, I'm gonna use what little time left to download my favorited galleries I guess, fuck sleeping.

But still... fuck everything.
#3 by forever-here
2019-07-26 at 02:24
this is why being 100% inclusive is not only impossible, but can even cause shutting down of things we like. this is why I say normies get out REEEE. lesson learned: don't include dangerous people.
#4 by eacil
2019-07-26 at 02:26
I browsed every page of exh for years now. I am so doomed. I tried nhentai for wani content but couldn't bear the site more than ten minutes. This is the worst news of the year. Fucking nightmare.

@Tenboro through Maximum Joe:
if I do retire, I will try to arrange to have some sort of read-only archive of the site maintained indefinitely

Edit: Warfoki, exh has a pretty good torrent tracker too. It has 144k torrents for 511k galleries.
My god all those 503 errors. It's like being on the titanic with everybody running around like chickens with their head cut off. -__-Last modified on 2019-07-26 at 05:07
#5 by warfoki
2019-07-26 at 03:33
I mean, the torrent tracker can probably be salvaged, since you only need the magnet links and those could have been saved in the given time.

And yeah, tell me about it, it's a pain to get all of my favorited stuff, even though I favorited only a very small number of galleries all things considered.

To actually answer the opening question to Rampaa: I don't know the exact situation, but from what I understand the law SadPanda ran afoul of isn't anything new. It's just that someone mass-reported exhentai out of nowhere to the point where the site actually got into the sight of the authorities, so admin was forced to shut at least the sadpanda part down immediately. Who mass-reported it is something that I've seen wild speculations on from religious conservative christian groups to FAKKU. I suppose we'll see when the smoke clears. It doesn't help with the site being gone though...

As for VNDB, I don't think we are in any trouble on that front. Eventually (not right now, but at some point in the future) I'm sure we'll have to remove any loli and shota images probably, but beyond that this is not a piracy site where we host whole galleries.

All of this is my personal speculation though, could be way off the mark.Last modified on 2019-07-26 at 03:37
#6 by eacil
2019-07-26 at 04:30
My biggest loss is in term of referencing. I have 5k favorites which is my "to read list", I have hundred of notes about current reading and reason why I bookmarked something, I have I don't know how many votes I use to know what I already read, how much I completed an artist, of course how much I value a work (I switched to exh when I was fed up with where you can't even know what are your votes, not to say you can't even remove them, and the db is very lacking when it comes to CG sets like what you can buy on dlsite...).
Plus the search system of exh is unrivaled. Easy and powerful.

I am really fucked if they don't keep the user data.
I tried once a userscript for unlimited favorites when it was still capped, something offline using sqlite, but the userscript went awry and I was left with weeks of useless work. Time to find another one asap, something that can export metadata (tags, categories, and covers). If someone has a name...

And yeah, apart from covers, I don't see the relation with vndb.
I don't see why fakku would report exh as the expunging of their stuff was quite well enforced.
Let's hope someone take over the read only repo.
#7 by warfoki
2019-07-26 at 05:20
I didn't do that, since when I was in the mood to fap to some hentai, I just logged in and found shit on the front page. There were a couple artists I followed on the regular and some ongoing webcomics with erotic content got posted there, but other than that, I'd be fucked if VNDB would go down, since I've used this site to log stuff for the most part.

What I'm going to miss for the most part is the ease of discovering new stuff. I've discovered so many excellent artists and their work through the artist cg galleries on the site, something that is just non-existant on all the copycat sites. hell, I discovered one of my absolute favourite comic (including manga and all), Sunstone through exhentai, never would have find it otherwise.Last modified on 2019-07-26 at 05:21
#8 by forever-here
2019-07-26 at 06:33
first they came for hentaihaven
then they came for sadpanda
then they'll come to vndb
then they'll come for me

ok I'll stop.Last modified on 2019-07-26 at 06:34
#9 by yorhel
2019-07-26 at 07:24
Damn, this is sad news to wake up to. :(

because of some sort of new law change in Netherlands
Sources on this? I haven't seen any news around this lately, but then again, I might be living under a rock.

From what I've glanced from Discord, their hosting company decided to boot them. So this looks more like an action of fear on the hoster's part rather than an immediate legal reason. Does anyone know where exhentai was hosted?
#10 by kratoscar2008
2019-07-26 at 07:38
I heard they updated a law to include loli and shota as cp material and naturally exhentai being hosted there meant their asses where busted.
Never been a big fan of loli and shota so now that turned into dislike.
Lolicons and shotacons made the Panda go extinct.Last modified on 2019-07-26 at 07:39
#11 by rampaa
2019-07-26 at 08:10
Sources on this?
link is the closest thing I could find. Some says it happened because a minister issued an order about CP and ISPs (or rather, their hosting company?) obliged: link . Some says it got mass reported by Kiwifarms (or Fakku, depending on who you ask). So it's mostly a bunch of hearsay, I'm afraid.

Does anyone know where exhentai was hosted?
Netherlands?: linkLast modified on 2019-07-26 at 08:20
#12 by yorhel
2019-07-26 at 08:15
I mean, which hosting company. :D

EDIT: Interesting 4chan thread, thanks.Last modified on 2019-07-26 at 08:18
#13 by eacil
2019-07-26 at 08:18
It's dead Ted. ;_________;
I didn't wake up today for that, dammit!
#14 by rampaa
2019-07-26 at 08:19
I mean, which hosting company. :D

Well, fair enough. "WorldStream B.V.", I guess?: link

Edit: Good thing I've taken a screenshot because it no longer shows the name of the company: link

Alternatively: link

Edit 2: "Unfortunately, recent legislative changes in the Netherlands, confirmed by our host, has made it impossible to keep the status quo going. While it may have been possible to move the necessary servers to some other country with more lenient laws, at this point in time it's probably a game of whack-a-mole, so even if I wanted to attempt it, the aforementioned tendon injury makes it impossible for me to play that game." linkLast modified on 2019-07-26 at 09:28
#15 by ffthewinner
2019-07-26 at 12:05
^that really sucks,but considering his situation i am honestly thankful that he was even able to keep it up to this day. hopefully a successor site is formed.
#16 by rampaa
2019-07-26 at 17:17
^I'm not even sure what's his "situation" is to be perfectly honest. He claims it's due to "recent legislative changes" but no one can find what are those changes and if they are real to begin with. Plus giving the community only 12/13 hours without any official statement is not very admirable.
#17 by beliar
2019-07-26 at 18:02
From what I have read up, the PM decided to take a stricter stance on CP and issued a warning that all ISPs that knowingly host child porn have 12 hours to remove it or face the legal trouble.
The ISP hosting the ExHentai got scared and decided to pull the plug on the site, despite there not being any actual CP on it.
The owner could have tried to move the site to a different ISP or a different country, but simply didn't have enough motivation to do it and decided to let the site die.
End of story, or so I have understood.
No one seems to have targeted ExHentai specifically. It's a case of an overly-cautious ISP and an unmotivated owner.Last modified on 2019-07-26 at 18:04
#18 by eacil
2019-07-26 at 19:53
Does someone knows how to turn a blocked tracker url into a magnet link? No idea how to find the info hash.
#19 by lordnight
2019-07-26 at 23:20
Lol, someone already made a thread about sadpanda before me~ I should have read the content first before posting that one.

Anyway done archiving every Rape, Gore, LL, Snuff, Femdom and Yandere(Dem these tags are huge) worth 190gb that I found. (Please don't judge me)

I'll stop following the 4ch thread and rest/move on. Since I think they're already been archived by someone and probably already in alexandria, I'll be keeping these copies for now and will upload if someone managed to make the panda rise again. If the panda does rise again, can someone post the link in here? thanks~

...I should have joined the tendon memeLast modified on 2019-07-26 at 23:28
#20Post deleted.
#21 by forever-here
2019-07-27 at 08:02
remember when I say that we shouldn't be 100% inclusive? this is why.


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