Sadpanda is leaving...(?)

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#1 by lordnight
2019-07-26 at 01:59
Well, it's still not definitive but I'm just here to share the news.
Better to back up everything you can.
#2 by warfoki
2019-07-26 at 02:14
From what I heard it's pretty definitive. Sadpanda is down the drain in a couple hours, main site will follow suite in half a year. Admin's calling it quits.
#3 by shining17
2019-07-26 at 04:38
Discord server for exhentai archiving.
#4 by warfoki
2019-07-26 at 05:14
Well, based on that discord it seems an ex-admin is trying to set up a successor site, so at least that's something. Still, the amount of stuff that'll be lost is enormous. I spent 3 hours dl-ing every gallery I favorites but there's so much missing. Old translation done by now dead tl groups, artist cg sets, a crapton of VN and eroge sets...

Fucking hate that slowly but surely the "wild west" of the internet is dying out. I know it's inevitable that legalization and tools to oversee the entire internet will be made. I still remember that old Kaspersky interview where he proposed that the internet should only be accessible with ID cards (think like a driving license) unique to every person, that on any forum, chat, etc. every user would have to register using this online ID card and their real name. They could have nicknames, but all mods and admins would be able to easily see their real identity. How a global cyber police force with complete access to all of these ID cards and their info should have complete control over the internet in every aspect, all in the name of cyber-security and safety of course.

I have zero doubt that eventually we will reach this level, where even concept of internet anonymity will be an ancient relic of the past. And of course all of that is going to be for he safety of the people, most of whom will be perfectly happy about it.

Anyway, I'm rambling here, been up for way too long. Time to sleep.Last modified on 2019-07-26 at 05:14
#5 by eltonan
2019-07-26 at 06:37

>"Wild West" of the internet is dying out.

We Red Dead Redemption now, bois.Last modified on 2019-07-26 at 06:39
#6 by lordnight
2019-07-26 at 08:24
And that's it guys, it's gone now,
The anons at 4ch had archived quite a lot so expect they'll dump most of them at nyaa after a few days.
I'm not in any discord so I'm not sure how's going in there, hopefully the'll share what they had archived.Last modified on 2019-07-26 at 08:25
#7 by harleyquin
2019-07-26 at 08:40
On the same topic, any alternatives? From the other thread, the now-disappeared database was unrivalled in quantity and ease of use, but having an alternative would be welcome. Even if it's just to tide people over when the original administrator finds a sneaky way around the scrutiny.
#8 by lywzc
2019-07-26 at 08:51
use n instead. n is still open and has l/s stuff.
Although n is linked to ex and may be down any time.Last modified on 2019-07-26 at 08:52
#9 by harleyquin
2019-07-26 at 09:25
What's n? If it's run by the same person and hosted by the same service provider then it's not a viable long-term alternative.
#10 by lywzc
2019-07-26 at 09:38
So hoping for successor
#11 by warfoki
2019-07-26 at 09:53
I mean, some sort of successor is pretty much guaranteed to pop up, the interest is very much there. It's just... we'll probably have multiple successors, none of which will be even remotely as comprehensive as exhentai was.

Like, when tumblr nuked porn on their site from orbit, it's not that all those people stopped posting porn, instead they moved on to a boatload of separate sites (twitter, bdsmlr, etc), so it's much harder to find all the things that used to be conveniently in one place.

As for the nuked database, the admin said that he'll make a dump (hopefully with ALL the content, nothing censored), it's just that we are talking about 50TB+ in images, so it'll take a while to get it available.
#12 by harleyquin
2019-07-26 at 09:59
It didn't take long for nyaa to fork and resurrect, but it's different for an online image gallery. There will be content loss, but if there's a place to look at new content without too much advertising or intrusion I'm all for it.
#13 by lywzc
2019-07-26 at 10:06
ex is more complex than nyaa. Nyaa is about copyright but ex is about child.
As for the content, it is said backups will be made and n is still slive which is a backup of ex.
#14 by kiru
2019-07-26 at 10:19
^ex is about loli, and do you think nyaa doesn't have that? Especially given what definition loli has nowadays. (goes to school=loli, flat=loli, and so on)Last modified on 2019-07-26 at 10:20
#15 by eacil
2019-07-26 at 10:51
The thing I don't understand is that the guy wasn't under legal trouble stress but for some reason he thought that something like 10H was enough for everybody to pack their stuff before he pulls the plug.
I know they were really sensitive about the "fjord" to the point even hinting it on the forum could get your post removed but this is beyond stupid if you expected people to back up the galleries... unless you didn't.

There is no point in bringing nyaa. A torrent is like a couple of ko. A gallery is 100mo average (50T/511k). Even with H@H it must cost a fortune in bandwidth (remember of Yorhel when he was talking about serving "only" 20go of data for hundreds of people...). There is also a boatload of features to regulate all of that. Think of a local economy with credits/GP/hath I always thought the only purpose was to encourage people to donate.

Also, the legislation must not work the same between directly hosting loli/shota and linking to it through a tracker.
#16 by ffthewinner
2019-07-26 at 11:51
well,f***. that sucks. that website was a treasure trove of content new and old that are almost impossible to find anywhere else. this legit sucks.

was there any clear reason given for it?

hopefully he dumps it and a successor site is found. it would suck for all that content to just disappear :(
#17 by being
2019-07-26 at 15:30
So is there any other website that's somewhat comprehensive with game CGs? I've been using Panda forever and this pretty much caught me off guard.
#18 by surferdude
2019-07-26 at 15:53
Welcome to the Netherlands!

Space cake? Sure!
Prostitutes? Take your pick!
Loli hentai? Nah, it's illegal.

Son, I am disappoint.
#19 by forever-here
2019-07-26 at 16:33
we're seeing the modern times of book burning. if vndb goes down, guess I'll just see you guys around. despite all the shitposts that happened here, you gotta admit that's nothing compared to what's to come.
#20 by tomtheerogeman
2019-07-26 at 16:34
@#17 Mikocon might be your best bet since they hire their own people to extract game CGs. I think they slacked off in recent months probably because other people were doing it, but if you tell them about sadpanda/exhentai then they might do more.
#21 by fuukanou
2019-07-26 at 16:51
Wasn't exhentai just a piracy site?
#22 by conduit
2019-07-27 at 02:49
Panda dying really doesn't help at all, given the CG galleries were handy for seeing what a game had before you decided to invest into a title. Now those are gone. Even worse that those galleries helped see the entire game instead of having to unlock all the CGs or look for a save file. Imagine those older titles that pretty much only run on virtual machines... You won't even know what their CG looks like unless you've played them now.Last modified on 2019-07-27 at 02:52
#23 by tomtheerogeman
2019-07-27 at 03:44
#22 There's a third option if there's no save file available for your game or you don't want to go through a 100% CG walkthrough. You can extract them yourself if you have the VN, there's a list of tools that can do this depending on the game here link . You can also google search some of the file names if you can't find what engine the game uses. That's why I don't usually download CG sets; often I extract them myself if I really want one for a certain game.Last modified on 2019-07-27 at 03:45
#24 by fuukanou
2019-07-27 at 04:04
#23, I recommend GARbro over the tools on that site. Much nicer UI and it works on multiple engines.
#25 by artumis
2019-07-27 at 18:12
I know I used Sad Panda to quickly look through CG sets, or even simply for the tags associated with the title to see if things looked interesting enough to give it a playthrough. Even if the reason is L/S content, there's a massive amount of collateral damage happening here since Sad Panda was the part of the data base that had all the content that was deemed not advertiser friendly. I don't recall everything that was deemed such, but things like Bestiality and I'd assume Gore/Vore and pretty much anything anything that might be more hardcore than scat (one of the items that simply displays a warning to the user) is gone just by association.

All things considered, the site has probably become a huge pain to manage in more recent years as well as considerably more costly. When it started, full tanks might only be 100MB or so, while now it's not uncommon to find ridiculously high resolution galleries weighing in at several GB. I know a fair amount of people run the H@H to help distribute some of the work, but I imagine things have probably been growing at a rate that wasn't sustainable with the few ads on the main site, particularly when the more avid users probably stuck solely with the ad-less Sad Panda. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if it all just got to be a bit much, and legislation changes present the perfect time to bow out with a bit of grace.Last modified on 2019-07-27 at 18:13


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