Otakon 2019 Announcements!

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#1 by usagi
2019-07-27 at 23:19

Sakura no Mori † Dreamers
Magic and Slash - Minarai Boukensha Lille no H-na Daibouken
Uchi no Kanojo
#2 by encrypted12345
2019-07-28 at 01:29
Nothing too hype, though Sakura no Mori Dreamers seems popular enough, and Magic and Slash is an ARPG, which isn't too common among H-games. I wonder what MG will announce for Anime NYC? They implied such in the blog post.
#3 by xero95
2019-07-28 at 01:50
Ooh these games look awesome!
#4 by diabloryuzaki
2019-07-28 at 04:10
it's great news i think because majority people who read moonstones vn will think moege, cheap development or imouto again!? so they didn't look carefully that moonstone have
1. honoguraki no toki that can give you stress in prologue and desperation in true end
2. sakura no mori dreamers series that give you sad farewell and a little hope

very recommended to read sakura no mori dreamers
#5 by shining17
2019-07-28 at 05:49
Beside Sakura the other two looks meh imo.
#6 by eltonan
2019-07-28 at 11:46
Horror and drama? Ergh. Horror and drama by the same person who wrote Princess Evangile? Double ergh.
#7 by diabloryuzaki
2019-07-28 at 12:30
actually his writing improved more than when he still write for princess evangile, try it
#8 by kiru
2019-07-28 at 12:38
@6: Princess Evangile is not the same. It's not so much that the writer improved, it's more that moege require specific things, that most people hate. The writer is actually good at writing villains that are pretty gray. It's just.. there's (apparently) no place for actual story-telling in moege, so the good guys need to be clearly good and in the right, with the bad guys being bad, no questions asked. No matter how little sense that may make.

Kure is good. Not good at moege, but good at the other stuff. Mori Dreamers actually has quite a bit of moege stuff in most of its routes, which is why you should only play the main one, as that one continues the story. But that's about that.
#9 by eltonan
2019-07-28 at 13:20
@8 I would argue moege's can have good story telling (or at least serviceable/decent story telling) if they're also charages e.g. it's the main reason why Dracu-Riot! is so enjoyable.

Princess Evangile fails not because it's a moege but because the conflict/drama comes out of nowhere and is then sorta just goes away without any agency or input from the main cast (at least in the main route. Full disclosure: I couldn't bring myself to read anymore than just the main route because of how insufferable it was).

Maybe Sakura no Mori † Dreamers just isn't my cup of tea. I personally hate utsuge and I think horror's only good when it is somewhat self aware of how ridiculous it's concept is and chooses to fully embrace it. Any time they add drama to it, it just comes off as heavy handed. After all the only conflict which truly matters should be the simple matter of trying to stay alive. The fact that it was written by the same person who wrote Princess Evangile is just the cherry on the cake. Also, jumpscares in a visual novel. Because we all know how much audiences love those in horror movies.Last modified on 2019-07-28 at 13:34


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