Shimamon Catch Rate Spreadsheet

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#1 by heliosalpha
2019-07-28 at 09:16
I've transcribed the big Shimamon catch rate spreadsheet from the official guide. That should make it a whole lot easier to beat the game and fill out your pokedex.
Going through the English patch, the words and phrases used in the mini game seem far from final and there's some things that have multiple translations depending on where you look. I based the spreadsheet on the game images since those are the ones you'll probably see the most.
I've also included a rudimentary guide for how to get the Shimamon ending with relative ease. It's not ideal to go for this ending without having completed the whole story, but it's definitely possible, and those patches are a long way away.

#2 by verifonix
2019-08-10 at 13:05


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