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#1 by baldo
2011-03-14 at 12:05
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After seeing this edit, I've re-installed my copy of Denpa no Dorei (it's the "Toriko" version from DLsite), and of course all the male characters (game protagonist included) are unvoiced. But if Claymore edits/says that the DVD version is "Fully Voiced", does this mean that A): Studio Jaren lied when announced that the Internet Download Version was identical to the DVD release, or B): me and Claymore have different ideas about the meaning of "Partially Voiced" and Fully Voiced"?

I believed that only games with voiced male&female protagonists deserve the "Fully Voiced" tag, am I in error?
#2 by yorhel
2011-03-14 at 12:08
< report >Protagonist is not included in the "fully voiced" indication.
#3 by azathoth
2011-03-14 at 12:16
< report >But he said all male characters, not just the protagonist. If it was just the protag we know it's still counted as fully voiced.
#4 by kiru
2011-03-14 at 12:29
< report >If the protagonist is voiced, there is a specific tag to be set: link
This is more the exception than the usual.

Partially voiced is used if the voiced characters have voiced and unvoiced lines. (e.g. inganock)

It shouldn't matter if only girls are voiced or supporting males are voiced as well. Mangagamer likes to call it "only female voice" I think, but I'm not sure if that is really necessary.
#5 by yorhel
2011-03-14 at 12:44
< report >Partially voiced is also used for cases where some characters are voiced while others are not. (With the exception of the protagonist and minor side characters). If there are unvoiced male characters that play a significant role, then it should probably be "partially voiced". :-/
#6 by baldo
2011-03-14 at 12:57
< report >Thanks for all the replies, however this means that at least 95% of all my edits in the last two years are wrong, I was sure that "Fully Voiced" was only for games where ALL the lines are voiced, maybe replacing the "Protagonist with Voice Acting" tag with a new "Fully Voiced, Protagonist Unvoiced" indication would be more useful/simple...
#7 by yorhel
2011-03-14 at 13:06
< report >Sorry for the confusion. I've been meaning to improve the voiced indication for a while now, it's not really perfect. :-(Last modified on 2011-03-14 at 13:06
#8 by kiru
2011-03-14 at 13:48
< report >@5: I have yet to see a game with important characters completely unvoiced while other important ones aren't. It wouldn't really make sense. (Unvoiced males are usually in sex/rape heavy VN I'd guess) But of course, should there be some, it's fine to call it "partially". It's not like I know them all.


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