Furigana and Aliases

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#1 by dk382
2019-08-02 at 04:45
I've recently noticed that we have some VNs in the database that have aliases where the entire name of the VN is identical, except with furigana placed in parentheses, such as Kanojo no Karada ni Tsuita Aitsu no Kiss Ato ~Osananajimi no Kyonyuu Kanojo wa Senpai no Ookina Ude ni Tsutsumare Toroketa Emi o Ukaberu~ and Tsuma no Biniku o Ijiru Chichi no Futoi Yubi ~Shiranu Ma ni Chichi no Mono ni Natteita Tsuma wa, Yorokobi no Aegi to Tomoni Koshi o Uneraseteita~. I already removed one before realizing that there are more and stopped before taking further action.

I see no purpose for these aliases at all, but I also don't think this issue has been discussed before. Would anyone object if I start removing any I come across?

They won't help you find these VNs when searching with hiragana or katakana (if you're doing that for some reason) and nobody is going to search for these using the exact parentheses method used. I also don't consider furigana an official part of a VN's title (it's a pronunciation/word identification guide). And they're of limited functional use anyway, since we already romanize the titles. These aliases only end up making that part of the interface more difficult to parse.

There are also cases where the furigana was added to the original title field, like Iyashi no Megami no Marmot. If we aren't purging furigana outright, we need to at least decide if it goes in original titles or aliases.
#2 by eacil
2019-08-02 at 05:00
If the furigana are here (directly in the original title or the alias field), it's because the devs themselves put them in officially, like in the title field of their website. Someone browsing getchu would find them too and if that person, not knowing any Japanese would simply copy and paste the getchu title (or the title from the official website) to vndb, he wouldn't find the vn entry.

Taking your first example (but it works for the three):
Official website's product page
タイトル 彼女の肢体(からだ)に付いたアイツの唇痕(キスあと) ~幼馴染みの巨乳彼女は先輩の大きな腕に包まれ淫蕩(とろ)けた笑みを浮かべる~
彼女の肢体(からだ)に付いたアイツの唇痕(キスあと) ~幼馴染みの巨乳彼女は先輩の大きな腕に包まれ淫蕩(とろ)けた笑みを浮かべる~ DLカードEdition
#3 by dk382
2019-08-02 at 05:19
Well, with an answer that obvious and practical, I feel silly even asking now.


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