Translation idc and change it to 2-10h

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#1 by [deleted]
2019-08-02 at 07:39
So basically, it's just a fluffy vn. You literally have no dram at all and when you have it, it's cute af. Although, I just played Kon's route because the idea of playing Shiro gave me mixed feelings. Like, you make a heroine feel so much like your daughter and then make her to your wife? Idk if you noticed but there were a lot, I repeat, a lot of sex scenes with Kon. I assume the same is the case with Shiro and tbh, I can live without them.

Also, I finished the vn including Kon's route within 6 hours. I assume Shiro's route would be 3-4h as well. So wouldn't it be better to change it to 2-10h? Although I know that some vns just fit the grey area by being a just a little bit bigger than 10h max.
#2 by surferdude
2019-08-02 at 15:52
Don't assume. The other route might be 8 hours. Play it and find out or leave it to someone else.


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