Worth getting the steam version ?

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#1 by evil-x
2019-08-04 at 18:15
I really like the Muv-luv franchise so I was thinking of getting it anyways, but is it really worth especially if you've already played Muv-luv Chronicle vol.1 ? And do you guys know if they've cut content for the steam version, cause it does say that it's a All age version instead of 17+
#2 by fuukanou
2019-08-04 at 18:20
17+ ~~ all ages.
Original had no H (was a console game) and this doesn't have H either. I can't say anything about other censorship.
#3 by dk382
2019-08-04 at 23:19
There are no cuts for the steam version, that I'm aware of. There are even some "non-explicit" sex scenes, like the one pictured here: link (nsfw)Last modified on 2019-08-04 at 23:20
#4 by bruxae
2019-08-09 at 18:30
Cut content or not if you only read english it's going to come down to this or nothing, in my opinion it was worth it for "Confessions" alone, fucking brilliant short. Most of the rest was fairly decent as well and I'd say it's worth checking out if you are a fan of the setting.
#5 by evil-x
2019-08-13 at 04:21
Yeah, I got it. Always down for more Muv-Luv content.


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