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#1 by fantom
2019-08-08 at 05:24
< report >Hello, VNstats is unable to track my profile, so I'm wondering, maybe, my vndb account is not included in the database dump?
Can you tell me, please?

Previously "Don't allow other people to see my" was checked, but it's unchecked for a week now. And I still can't use VNStat.
#2 by Yorhel
2019-08-08 at 05:43
< report >Your votes are included in d14#4, which I think is what VNstat uses. It's possible that some of my recent changes broke the DB import or perhaps Turix is working on migrating to the new dumps. I'll point him to this thread.
#3 by fantom
2019-08-08 at 06:23
< report >Thank you!
#4 by turix
2019-08-08 at 20:07
< report >Hey!

Sorry I missed your attempts to contact me; I don't check vndb super often and your email unfortunately got routed into my spam folder :(

Thanks for bringing this to my attention though; after a recent change I made VNStat was no longer adding "new" accounts correctly. I've now fixed this and your profile should work as expected now.

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#5 by fantom
2019-08-09 at 07:05
< report >Thank you so much for fixing it! Can't wait to read some vns recommended for me :3


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