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#1 by 5pm
2019-08-08 at 08:13
Who’s the dude that editing my title in 2019-07-15 at 09:47? giving a strikethrough, a line through the middle of the selected area.

I do not mind if the administrator feels in his power the need to locked the thread plus editing my comment but at least you should give a side note to avoid misunderstanding that it was edited by me (user), something like: (this title was edited by me (name it), administrator-sama, since I decide this title is wrong).

As for the topic, I still have in my opinion she isn’t a bichi type. Its quite unfair to said she is a slut because she had a sex with men but not twice with the same man.
Lets imagine you guys are a woman….okay since mostly you guys are dudes, imagine you guys are a single man, 40 years, a workalholic, a serious man, who have no interest in relationship or love but have a normal interest in sex. Would you spend 40 years of yours only with masturbate never have a sex? Would you be afraid to have a sex with a woman you don’t love because people may call you a slut? You may pay some prostitute there since it all just business or if you quite a handsome gentlemen you may have a sex with some woman but never to have sex with the same women twice since you afraid there will be a lingering there (both you and the woman) and love doesn’t interest you at all.
And by “not twice with the same person” it is not like you have sex everyday with different people. It maybe only with 3 or 4 womens during your 40 years, will you call yourself a slut here?

Now, may I heard the reason why you edit my title? I suppose I would not be banned for asking this question right?Last modified on 2019-08-08 at 11:43
#2 by kiru
2019-08-08 at 08:48
The title is crossed out because it's locked. You'll see that there's another thread under this VN where the same has been done.
#3 by yorhel
2019-08-08 at 11:46
First of all, that thread got locked for a reason. Don't try to restart that discussion again, please.

Second, as a limitation of this forum, "locking" a thread involves editing the thread creator's post. I don't remember editing the title, but such moderation actions happen as well once in a while.

Incidentally, moving a thread also counts as an edit. That's what I just did.


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