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#1 by moricano
2019-08-10 at 09:25
This reference I wrote to the Author of the game ... but it is open to anyone who wants to agree with me about NTR system that could have been implemented in this game.
This game could have the (NTR) system.
From the contents of the game's general history to realize that Anne has always cheated on Mc.
With the (NTR) system deployed it would be very interesting.
See certain points in the game in general ..... when Anne is working .... when Anne goes out alone with various characters ..... In fact as much as Anne sometimes tells Mc what she did nobody really knows whether she is telling the truth or lying.
Maybe now it's too late to implement the (NTR) system in the game due to so much content that has already been written.
But it could have been great if it had NTR.
There is a passage in the game in some chapter when Mc had an urge to come to the office, and he had to leave Anne with Martin alone doing things .... In this part all Mc knows is just what Anne told him what the two of them did ..... only Anne and Martin were only at the mall and on the beach and no bastard happened in the meantime.
There are many scenes that could have been enjoyed when Mc was away from Anne with the NTR system.


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