Still worth playing this?

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#1 by ineluki284
2019-08-13 at 13:25
Now that Rance 10 is out, is there still any meaning in playing this game? I mean, it's just kind of an old, shorter version of the games 5 to 10, right (with some differences of course)? Wouldn't it even spoil me, if I read it before reading the other games? I just finished the remakes 1 to 3 and Rance 4 and I am not sure if I should play Kichikuou now or just skip it and continue with 5.
#2 by onorub
2019-08-13 at 16:10
Keep in mind that Rance 6 through 10 has some big character changes in comparison to Kichikuou. I'd say Kichikuou is worth playing regardless, not only for historical value but also because it's a great strategy game.
#3 by ineluki284
2019-08-13 at 17:46
I see, guess I'll give it a try then. Thanks.


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