Voice problems?

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#1 by kei-tr
2019-08-14 at 14:08
Weird. Even though Japanese releases supposed to be fully voiced it seems only 4 main girls voiced. I am few hours into game and already met few of side characters but none of them voiced at all. Is my game corrupted or English release like this?
#2 by being
2019-08-14 at 14:15
As far as I've heard, the English version is indeed missing voices. Why that is we can only speculate, since I'm not aware of any official answers.
#3 by surferdude
2019-08-15 at 00:21
I've read somewhere about a patch that added voices for side characters in the JP version. Maybe the EN version simply didn't include the content from said patch.
#4 by surferdude
2019-08-15 at 15:26
Okay, so I did some digging through the game files, and as it turns out, the EN version actually translates the JP CD version.

Some of the things from the JP DVD version (2 new CGs for Matsuri, 1 new CG for Arisa, ~1150 voice clips for the sub-characters) are present within the game files, but are unfortunately not used.

No idea why Sol Press included said content but didn't bother to make it accessible in-game.

Also, the JP patch from link that turns the CD version into the DVD version is not compatible with the EN version.
#5 by adamstan
2019-08-15 at 16:36
But if voice files are present among game files, it should be possible to make patch that converts EN script to fully voiced one too. (similarly to how, for example, Voice Patch for Kanon was done) Actually, SolPress themselves should do that - they "only" need to add voice play commands for dialogue lines for other characters.

Unless there's some weird problem with voices licensiing.
#6 by surferdude
2019-08-15 at 17:51
There shouldn't be any problem with voice licensing. After all, the JP patch that adds them is free to download for anyone.
#7 by kiru
2019-08-15 at 20:34
^That's not how this works. The patch is for the JP version only, distributed by the dev of the game, who got the license to do that.
For the English language version, a new license is most likely necessary. Provided it wasn't covered by the general license for the voices in the game or the dev itself owns the voices (highly unlikely).
#8 by rampaa
2019-08-15 at 21:12
Even if it's due to some -weird or not- licensing problem, they should have been transparent about this from the get-go. We shouldn't have learnt this from VNDB forums but Sol Press itself.

I've posted the link of this thread to their Discord server and currently waiting for an explanation from them. Fingers crossed.Last modified on 2019-08-15 at 22:32
#9 by kei-tr
2019-08-17 at 13:38
Do you guys think I should postpone reading this? Is there a chance there will be a fix for this (official or unofficial)?

EDIT: btw, I couldn't see CD version here. If the CD version is First Press Edition then its fully voiced too according to linkLast modified on 2019-08-17 at 13:54
#10 by surferdude
2019-08-17 at 18:55
^ Like I said, even if you have the First Press Edition that comes on 3 CDs, by applying the free patch from link, you get the content from the DVD edition (3 new CGs, voices for side characters, ending movies after the first stories). So technically, r1165 is right.
#11 by raiden21
2019-08-17 at 19:28
Doing this is a shame for a big company like that. What is the point to deceive people.Give us what you showed us. For the SAnity of mine, I will wait Sol's answer.
#12 by rampaa
2019-08-21 at 04:48
ZeHaffenLast Thursday at 10:16 PM

Gonna ping @Kazumi since I think he's the most knowledgeable on this, but I will say that I guarantee you voice licensing is not as simple as surferdude says it is
Gonna ping @Xeviax too

This is the only reply I've gotten from Sol Press. Note that those people who were tagged as knowledgeable on the subject have been online countless times since then but they didn't bother to reply.Last modified on 2019-08-21 at 04:49
#13 by being
2019-08-21 at 05:39
I'm going to guess that the explanation isn't one that consumers would be happy to hear.
#14 by surferdude
2019-08-21 at 23:12
This basically means "no patch for you", right?
So I guess we should continue playing it as it is.
#15 by rampaa
2019-08-22 at 00:49
This basically means "we won't even acknowledge what happened".

"Protest with your wallet", was it? I shall just do that. And hopefully people who give a shit about companies being transparent about such things will follow along as well.
#16 by kei-tr
2019-08-23 at 00:02
I don't think it's something like licensing problem. Because if that's the case they can easily say "we couldn't get licence for side characters" and it will be over. I mean there is nothing they can do if that's the case right? On the other hand, problem could be something they can solve with a patch or something. But they are not going to get extra money for tackling potentially tedious problem after all.
#17 by penpen2
2019-08-23 at 16:07
The Japanese version also has unvoiced lines during map exploration if I recall correctly.
#18 by infernoplex
2019-08-23 at 22:53
Yotsunoha is cursed. Cursed, I tell you! xD
#19 by asaki
2019-08-24 at 00:48
Wow. I guess I should appreciate Sol Press attempt for going Sekai there, even though compared to Dovac Xeviax still quite nice though.
#20 by surferdude
2019-08-31 at 09:26
After doing some checking, I believe those lines are voiced in the DVD version.
And they should have been voiced in the English release.


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