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#1 by weter
2019-08-19 at 11:31
Maybe someone wrote it before, but it doesn’t matter.

This is a serious problem that interferes with the search for VNs and breaks the system itself.

Here are a couple of examples:
If we just write in the search -> Goshujin-sama Da~isuki -> We will get 3 VNs -> Good

Now, for example, I want to find a VN with a Group Sex tag (under it there are a lot of tags but it’s not important for me what exactly, the main thing is that there is group sex)
Now try to include the Group Sex tag -> Goshujin-sama Da~isuki +Group Sex tag -> We will get 0 VNs -> ??? -> Stop-stop, but if you look at Goshujin-sama Da~isuki it has Group Sex of One Male and Several Females , so what's the problem ??? -> OK??

OK, OK, now for example I don’t want to look at Group Sex at all. In order not to manually exclude all tags under it (such as Group Sex of One Male and Several Females , Double Penetration (Group Sex) , etc), you just need to exclude Group Sex , right?
Now try to exclude the Group Sex tag -> Goshujin-sama Da~isuki -Group Sex tag -> We will get 3 VNs -> Err -> But Goshujin-sama Da~isuki has Group Sex of One Male and Several Females , so ??? search system is broken ???

I think the fact is that people manually turned off the Group Sex tag in link (I have no idea why anyone is doing this)
Here's another
If we just write in the search, for example -> Kyonyuu Fantasy
Now include Sexual Content -> Kyonyuu Fantasy +Sexual Content -> It became somehow less -> It's cool that the search excluded Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 it doesn’t have a single Sexual Content tag under it, right?
I gave an example with the search for names, because it is easier to find errors, without names it still does not work correctly.

If you exclude Male on Male Sex and include Bara [ link ] but you get 5 VNs, is this generally possible? Bara is under the Male on Male Sex tag.
This happens with every tag, but the worst thing is that - the fact that there are a lot of people who for some incredible reasons remove the Sexual Content tag from VNs. Do you know that this removes it from the Sexual Content search at all? It turns out all year on the site that I was missing a bunch of VNs because I had defaulted for a long time - Tags to include: Sexual Content .

A year ago, I understood something at a subconscious level that something is not working properly.

And the problem is that those tags that turn off (Have 0 or negative weight), the tags below them are no longer valid, it’s somehow wrong.Last modified on 2019-08-19 at 11:43


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