Jesus this protag is dense

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#1 by pramit
2019-08-27 at 09:15
Spoilers for first 10-20 minutes of the VN:

What was that whole thing about mitsuki and her "boyfriend"? After all that stuff in vol 1, this feels really bad. I know that the writers wanted to focus away from Mitsuki, but was this really necessary? I know the protag suffers emotional trauma causing him to view himself as more distant from other people, but I don't think he is that stupid to figure out what is going on here. What is up with that "childhood friend", how did he even survive? He landed from no where, at the writer's convenience. Also, I know mitsuki is docile but I thought that she had changed in the course of vol 1 to become much more dependable and able to work with the protag. Now suddenly she has a character shift where she misunderstands the whole situation and doesn't even try to talk to the protag. I don't like this development, feels like vol 1 didn't even happen. [spoiler]

EDIT: spoilers for volume 3:

[spoiler] So apparently the doctor (with whom the protag is building a relationship now) disappears from his life for some reason in vol 3. Guess this isn't going to be the first time. [spoiler]
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#2 by forever-here
2019-08-27 at 09:36
i actually thought it was out of his character to go to the town hall when he has all the reason to cut ties with her. or something like "oh, your dad might be there and I don't wanna go there since I essentially raped you for food and stuff. I might get punched to oblivion so yeah.."

also Tokiko. the only reason he helped her is because he was getting tired of the expressionless Tokiko. now that he has a taste of of Mitsuki, literally why even bother? she nags, complains, whines, bitch and all that. all these things combined and you have a legit reason to cut ties with her.
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#3 by neetmillionaire
2019-08-31 at 10:18

I felt the same way at first because I liked that bitch too, but if you think about it from his low key psycho perspective it makes sense because he both wanted to leave the girl somewhere safe and didn't want to deal with the possibly cucked guy.

I did feel the game focused too much on the Mitsuki relationship though and I was expecting the misunderstanding to be cleared up some point near the end, but maybe vol 3 addresses that better.

I don't think that was out of character at all, if you saw the lengths he went to save the other kid it makes perfect sense that he went for city hall regardless of possible consequences. He's kind of a psycho but he made a deal and he wanted to go through with it no matter what.
#4 by puu
2019-09-11 at 13:26


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