Majo koi nikki:DragonxCaravan

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#1 by rey777
2019-08-27 at 11:00
From what vndb says, this release of majo koi nikki has: a new scenario that takes place after the original game's ending, a new scenario for Himuro Yayoi, and new scenes/CGs for all of the heroines. I also noticed from the character list that there are 2 new characters.

Can anyone who own it spoil me about the new scenarios and what the new CG and characters are about? The only thing I could find about this release is the opening which showed some new CG but that about it... I'm really interested to know if those new addition give anything interesting to the story and if it gives a better closure.
#2 by danteas
2019-08-28 at 02:37
#3 by danteas
2020-01-31 at 16:18
acordin to link
this version has another true ending
#4 by rick12
2020-02-04 at 16:03
Interesting. Do we know what it is?
#5 by danteas
2020-02-09 at 17:40
It seems that this version fixes a lot of the vn problems


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