Looking for a half remembered game

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#1 by phroggy
2019-09-01 at 08:05

I'm looking for the name of a game I only half remember from when I played it part way thru back in 2013.

The game starts with the protagonist and his male (but very androgynous) friend playing a game that involved Mecha combat. They were both top tier players. The friend shows up in the second half of the game as one of the female heroines.

Something happens and the protagonist finds himself in a wartorn world where Mecha are the major powers in the war to hold of some unknown enemy. He soon finds himself in an academy to learn to pilot the Mecha, with all the other pilot trainees being girls, many seen as his school mates in the first half of the game. This is where his formerly male friend shows up as a female, a pilot trainee of course.

I remember one scene where the girls over-feed the protagonist just befor the first live simulator run, hoping to make him barf from motion sickness, but it doesn't bother him in the least, and it turns out that due to his video game experience, he is an exceptional pilot.

Anyone have any clues? Please let me know if you do! Thanks...

#2 by sakurakoi
2019-09-01 at 08:29
If it is not Muv-Luv then it sure was an early and utter rip-off... well, as far as Isekai'd Mecha is/was/whatev.

Incidentally I have never read Muv Luv or even knew about that reverse-reverse trap-trap-trap but apparently dats a thing there.
#3 by phroggy
2019-09-01 at 12:50
The art looks hauntingly familiar; I think you might have hit it in one! Thank you, from me, and from my cottage-cheese brain!



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