"All Ages" vs CERO A

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#1 by butterflygrrl
2019-09-01 at 16:35
Okay, maybe I'm the only person who's bothered by this. However, the age rating option when entering games specifically says that rating something "All Ages" is meant to be equivalent to a CERO A rating.

That's basically an E rating, for US people. No sexual content, no violence, no horror, no drinking/smoking, no gambling, no crime, no drugs, no harsh language, not even any kissing or hugging!

And yet routinely people put this "all ages" descriptor on games when what they actually mean is "Not 18+". This is especially the case with DLsite games, because the game listing on their site will say "G-rated" even though the game is neither officially rated by anyone nor actually anywhere near what would qualify as A (or E, or G), or with censored releases in English cheerfully labeled the "All Ages" edition when all they mean is that they cut the H-scenes and it still has every other form of risque content.

This means the information on a vast number of games is hopelessly misleading and does not match the description in the database.

Since "All Ages" now appears to be an English VN industry standard way of saying "Not 18+", as long as that category exists in the listing people are going to keep choosing it even though it does not apply.

My suggestion would be to remove the mention of CERO A from the existing "All Ages" descriptor and make that a category for No Adult Content, then create a separate new rating category for CERO A, without putting the phrase "all ages" on it.

Then we could separate "this is a game that is okay for children" from "this is a game that does not contain explicit sex".
#2 by gvbn
2019-09-01 at 18:59
I'd like to see a precise rating system that also shows the rating organization, or at least an explanation of each organization.

There was a guy who went to vndb and saw that Island was rated "all ages" for PC but "15+" for consoles, who then asked what risque content they added for the console release to make the rating go up...
#3 by butterflygrrl
2019-09-03 at 00:18
How many games have 'official' ratings from an actual organisation? The console games do and they're likely to have multiple different ratings from different countries they were released in. But a lot of games have never been officially rated by anyone, just self-labeled.

The most accurate would be to allow for a long list of applicable ratings, which would have to include things like "Developer says 'for teens'" and "DLsite General Audience" alongside "ESRB T" and "PEGI 15"

But is the most accurate answer the most useful?Last modified on 2019-09-03 at 00:19
#4 by ffthewinner
2019-09-03 at 00:44
i highly doubt that anyone cares beyond knowing whether it has +18 content or not. not like little children play VNs anyway lol.
#5 by eacil
2019-09-03 at 01:29
The lack of rating is kinda a given that it is equivalent to your "not 18+" but it looks more like a lack of data than an actual data. That's why some people can have this temptation to use the all-age rating instead of letting it empty. I am sure I did at least once before. I agree that a "Not 18+" would be welcomed.
Apart from that, I also agree with ffthewinner that no one cares about the particularity of all those ratings.Last modified on 2019-09-03 at 01:29
#6 by fuukanou
2019-09-03 at 02:16
If it's a PC game, especially eroge outside Japan (retail eroge in Japan all are rated 18+), unless it's a console port, then it won't have an official rating. As a result, the all-ages implicitly means the "not porn" and 18+ means "porn". Unfortunately it's not a very clear method if you don't know this but it is distinct.
#7 by bobjr2000
2019-09-03 at 05:59
Meh, I guess right it not entirely accurate with all ages but its like kids sneaking into R rated movies. Most kids can't and those old enough to do have little impact. Unless concern parent or some one just personal annoyed with labeling just don't see need to change unless everyone does
#8 by namingmegently
2019-09-03 at 16:22
I agree that using the "All ages" rating just to exclude "18+" is needlessly confusing, creating false expectations of the VN release's content. Having a "Not Rated" or "N/A" (not applicable) rating for releases makes far more sense to me.
#9 by fuukanou
2019-09-03 at 17:05
#8, problem with that is that people (the type who are already confused about this problem) will get confused between 'unrated' (18+) and your 'not rated'.
#10 by butterflygrrl
2019-09-03 at 19:45
yeah, it needs to be something straightforward. if what people choosing a rating want to say is "Not Porn" then it needs to be clear.
#11 by namingmegently
2019-09-04 at 01:13
To accommodate releases that have no official age ratings, the Age Rating field could have a mandatory sexual content sub-field that appears when selecting 'Not Rated'. This sub-field could be implemented in one of two ways. 1. A binary toggle for "Contains graphic sex scenes". 2. A pull-down list ranging all the way from No Sexual Content, Implied Sexual Content, Text-only Sexually Explicit Content, to Sexually Explicit Content.


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