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#1 by chronopolize
2019-09-02 at 03:44
I noticed my ratings are super clustered around 7-8.5 Oh well.

10: Nothing really exists here, but something that tries to do something difficult and does does it incredibly well in all areas.
9 Does something incredibly well, or is all around excellent. It's very rare to have an all-arounder work so 9's are rare. (Eustia would be a 9 if it had a stronger plot at the end and a better main heroine.)
8.X: something(s) that push it above an 8 level work. (particularly memorable, or a very novel execution)
8: Memorable in one area, or all-around admirably well made.
7: Not bad, but rather lacking. Has perhaps one good area and the rest indifferent.
6: Lacking any appreciable. Maybe a weak work that merely had some good ideas.
5: Standard trash anime levels. Reccomended to turn off your brain.
4 and lower: Remarkable levels of bad.Last modified on 2019-09-02 at 03:50


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