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#1 by zero07
2019-09-07 at 03:22
Okay so don't go in expecting much since it is a short VN. So there are three heroines the first one is Matsubara Kasumi, the protagonist his having a affair with her. She also has a daughter. The second heroine is Kasugano Tae she is the owner of the hot spring and she is a widow. The last heroine is Takeshita Yuriko, She herself is in a affair but with a younger guy Kasumi around her 30's, Tae is in her 30's. The VN dose not tell you much about the protagonist even his age. All we get to know about him is he is having a affair with Kasumi. No matter which heroine you choose the ending is the same. The protagonist will go home with Kasumi and continue there affair. The VN lets you have the choice of letting Kasumi have her glasses off or on during H
scene. There a couple of mistakes in there a example is during a sex scene with Kasumi. If you have the glasses option off she will have her glasses on.There not much too talk about this VN but give it a shot if you want to pass the time.Last modified on 2019-09-07 at 03:34


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