True End Questions

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#1 by crusader325
2019-09-09 at 04:57
< report >So, just finished this VN, i must say pretty nice read. i quite like the art style and character design.

Can someone explain to me what happening at the end? Cause i'm playing with machine translation so maybe some words not translated correctly.

So basically what happen in the True End, and some of my question (SPOILER) :

- Every heroine can escape their dark past and move on with their lives.
- What really happen at Yukariko arc ? MC was saved by Yukariko & Shino tear?(Post Kidnapping accident) or is it just Shino? Cause MC try to kill himself by jumping out of window at hospital?
After that Yukariko was dying because she use her tears many time before.
- What really happen after the Poker Game with Kureha? we know Kureha is the one that running the string behind the scene for the tragedies that happen to Mermaid-Person.
MC decided not to kill her because he sympathy with her, but for what reason? Cause Kureha lives long and looking for a friend that also can lives long life? (Kinda lost at this point)
- At the very end MC had some power & money to keep confronting Kureha with the help of Kukuri and many more people (?)

Maybe i'm overthinking things, perhaps the writing of this VN was not as good as i thought , but still after finishing it something bugging me..

Anyway Thanks Before....!Last modified on 2019-09-09 at 13:05
#2 by kuraikaze
2021-03-18 at 12:03
< report >A bit late, but i can answer some of your question
Shino died because she had to heal protag (fallen from xx story building) and to heal Sayo as she was incredibly traumatized by that (mentally crippled), ending shino's live (too much healing). Yukariko was her substitute, and was on her last legs before she dies after healing the protag (cried because of emotions, doesn't really want to heal).
Kureha did all of that in order to gain more mermaids (as misery can create a new mermaid). Kureha lost on the poker because of bad luck pretty much. Eishi decide to company kureha as her "playmate" in order to prevent her making other people's lives miserable. That's why Eishi employs spy and intels in order to track her movements.

And that's about it
#3 by crusader325
2021-03-22 at 05:01
< report >Even though it's been quite late,

but hey.. Thanks for explanation! Yeah at that time i had to re-read near the end of the True ending..
#4 by kuraikaze
2021-03-22 at 06:01
< report >It can be quite confusing since it's not explicitly explained, people have to came to a conclusion on their ownLast modified on 2021-03-22 at 06:08
#5 by mizuki12
2021-04-15 at 10:04
< report >in the true end route ending, is eishi will end up with kukuri? i just feel that they will married or something..
#6 by funnerific
2021-04-15 at 11:13
< report >Nope, just friends/partners.
#7 by kuraikaze
2021-04-15 at 15:04
< report >Yeah, just partners for stopping kureha, even the game indicates that explicitlyLast modified on 2021-04-15 at 15:10


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