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#1 by taiketsu
2019-09-11 at 12:13
So i just finished Seinarukana on my 1. run with Satsuki's route and im left with a bit to many questions.

1. Why was Euphoria aka Euhpy in the Time Tree in the first place? That never got rly explained (unless in the other routes if yes no need to answer).

2. Was Phantasmagoria also part of the Time Tree bc otherwise Kaori and Kotori appearing in the Copy World doesnt make sense. Also shouldnt they be dead or a bit more older since Euhpy is in ther teenies? I know that the time wile they travel between worlds differs from world to world but still.

Narukana aka Heavens Cloud was defeated by the Leader of the Chaos Eternals which if i remember right is the good faction which Yuuto and Aselia belong to along with Tokimi. So she got sealed in the Time Tree bc of her null mana but isnt it dangerous now that she is out? Since i didnt read Narukanas route if some stuff changes there its okay to spoil me a little.

4. Tokimi is supposed to be an Eternal and should know about Euphy since on the end of Aselia's route the meet up with her in the end. Also the Kurahashi Clan, dont know if i remember wrong but arent they all Eternals? In Aselia it was said they send battle maidens out to protect other Worlds/Univserse from the law Eternals.

5. Et ca Repha, Jirol and Sellas are gods does that mean they were some pseudoy Eternals? Otherwise they wouldnt be able to live so long.

Also i played the 18+ version vom Jast Usa so if some of the missing infos is in the all ages version i might buy that also D:"Last modified on 2019-09-11 at 12:15
#2 by lordnight
2019-09-11 at 18:24
Allow me to try and answer your questions from the top of my head.
Massive nerdy comment incoming.

1. Euphoria was sent on a mission by Logas in order to free Murakumo and help her find Setoki Nozomu.
Originally it was Yuuto and Aselia that supposed to free Murakumo. But because the two were affiliated with Kurahashi Tokimi and Kurahashi Tokimi has massive amount of Law Eternal haters, they can't go or they'll risk a war at Et Ca Repha's world. So Logas sent Euphoria instead. This would also help Euphoria to have some fighting experience.

2. I think that Phantasmagoria was indeed part of the Time Tree~
That's actually a good point. Let's just assumed that it's not real because they're just copies~ (I feel bad after mentioning that)

3. There are no such thing as bad or good Eternals, their factions are simply their ideology that they chose to fight for.

Chaos Eternals believe that all life must be protected.

Law Eternals has the primitive ideology of absorbing other Eternity sword in order to be stronger. Because of this, other Law Eternals, like Temuorin would bother to help cultivating a particular world by either enhancing the Mana from that particular world or helping to advance its technology to give birth to low level eternity swords or possibly attract Chaos Eternals to absorb and make them their own.

Narukana is indeed dangerous because of her ability to null mana. But Logas and the others only sealed her because of her arbitrariness, selfishness and moreover, Narukana doesn't have an owner.
However at the end of her Route, she becomes Setoki Nozomu's eternity sword, and probably would cause less trouble now.

4. I don't understand this question. You're asking if Kurahashi Tokimi knows Euphoria?

5. Et Ca Repha and Jirol aren't Gods, they're Eternals with 2nd rank eternity swords
#3 by taiketsu
2019-09-11 at 18:52
Ty for your fast response :o

#1. Where did you take that info? Is it explained in Aselia or Seinarukana?
And Logas is the leader of the Chaos Eternals if i remember right so why would he want to free Narukana when he sealed her in the first place? Unless he planned Nozumo to take Narukana.

#3 Well yeah they are not "bad" and "good" per se but the Law Eternals destroy worlds bc they wanna restore the original Eternity Sword. Yaga (the final boss in Seinarukana) is a good example of those destructive desire. That is so far she was a Law Eternal.

#4 Yeah Tokimi should know Euphoria bc at the end of Aselias route they both meet up with Tokimi after the 100year quest they did and during that time Euhpy was born. Yuuto even joked to Euphy he should call Tokimi oba-san. Also as u sad Logas send Euhpy into the Time Tree so Tokimi should know them.

#5 If Jirol was an Eternal (which he should be ofc) his sword Aurora was quite low in ranking no? Rank 6 sad the game but only rank 3 or higher are Eternal swords if i remember right. Or did he have another sword? I know that Narukana gave him Aurora but still.

I hope that the next Aselia 3 gives some more answer and nice story. From what i saw Euhpy and Temuorin seem to play a role there :oLast modified on 2019-09-11 at 18:54
#4 by lordnight
2019-09-11 at 19:17
It was mention at Etenal Sky drama CD.
Like I said before, he only sealed her because she has no owner and hard to talk to, but after being Setoki Nozomu's eternity sword, she'll probably become more docile now.
Technically he didn't really said why he wanted to free her. He only said that Narukana will have major role on something and a 'decisive fate?'. something like those.

While Law eternals do destroy worlds, they only do this if they had acknowledged a particular world to have enough mana for them to use. Otherwise they just let those worlds do their own thing. A very good example of this is Phantasmagoria.

I don't get your point? Kurahashi Tokimi does know about Euphoria.

That's a good one. I have no idea if he has a second eternity sword but I do know that Murakumo lets him borrow her.Last modified on 2019-09-11 at 19:26
#5 by taiketsu
2019-09-11 at 19:33
#1 Ah ok i dont understand japanse well enough to listen to drama cds ^^"

#4 my point is that Tokimi should have been able to tell Euphy more about herself who she is etc. bc she lost her memories bc of the strenght restriction in the time tree.

Welp hope Aselia 3 continues the story and is not a remake.
#6 by lordnight
2019-09-11 at 20:17
Oh... about that.
Heavy spoiler about the plot of Shin'yaku Eien no Aselia -The Spirit of Eternity Sword- incoming.
Euphoria's faction was the Law Eternals. she's even close(?) friends with Temuorin and Myugi, because of this Kurahashi Tokimi, Takamine Yuuto and Aselia Bluespirit pretends that they don't know Euphoria when they're on Missions. In fact, it was Kurahashi Tokimi's fault for partially blocking Euphoria's memories about her parents during the entire mission.

Yes, let's hope~
#7 by taiketsu
2019-09-12 at 06:08
Ok now im interested.
Why is Euhpy on the Law Eternal side :o? I mean her Parents are clearly on the Chaos side and she grew up with them. I dont care if u spoil me a bit of plot for the next game im curious now so pump out all this info XD
#8 by lordnight
2019-09-12 at 06:45
It was never truly explain why. In the drama CD Logas mentioned that it was something about affinity(?) of Permanence to Destiny, Both eventually become Euphoria's eternity swords.

While she's in fact a Law Eternal, others don't know about who is her parents and where she came from aside from Takamine Yuuto, Aselia Bluespirit, Kurahashi Tokimi and Logas.

Because of Euphoria allegiance to the Law Eternals, Takamine Yuuto take utmost caution on taking missions involving his whole family. Usually he only takes mission that only requires him and his wife, however when the three are necessary then Kurahashi Tokimi would partially block Euphoria memories as to not accidentally call her parents when in the presence of other Law Eternals.

The next spoiler part are theoretical
The script ended with Euphoria fighting a member of the Kurahashi clan, hinting that Euphoria is having doubts. Either it's because of Destiny's influence or because Tokimi again partially blocked her memory and has no idea who is she fighting.
#9 by taiketsu
2019-09-12 at 08:12
Ok that makes sense using her as some sort of spy i guess?
Also another part i just remember is her sword. In Aselias ending Euhpy calls her sword Permanence but in Seinarukana its called Aevum short Eu. Any info regarding that?
Also now that i think a bit about it, are the Guarding Spirits maybe more or less the voice of the swods like for example Desire's voice just taking spirit form or is that exlusive to the Time Tree ppl?
#10 by lordnight
2019-09-12 at 08:39
I don't know where the game got Aevum but she call Permanence(Yuukyuu(悠久)) by his nickname which is 'Yuukun'.

Those voices are their personalities, the higher the rank, the stronger their will and intelligence.

Some eternity swords both have personality and a corporeal form, Like Narukana and Ikaruga Satsuki and the enemies at the last chapter of Eien no Aselia -The Spirit of Eternity Sword- which were all low level eternity swords.
#11 by taiketsu
2019-09-12 at 17:24
Well anyway ty for the big infos you provided^^
While the Aselia or better Eternity Sword series isnt amazing its good enough to keep me hooked (Euhpy best chara XD").
Hope that the next title is coming soon out soon.

Currently playing my 3. run in Aselia with Tokimis route and im certain now that the Copy World is where Yuuto and Kaori are from. Reason being Tokimi sad she was born in the same world and country and later taken into Izumo which is in the Copy World. Which should prove that Phantasmagoria is part of the Time Tree.

Also i didnt know that Minions are the "servants" of Eternals since i thought that Minions and Spirits are the same but after seeing how Tokimi sad Minions for the first time and knowing stuff from Seinarukana a lot more stuff makes sense x.x"
Last modified on 2019-09-12 at 18:58
#12 by lordnight
2019-09-12 at 20:52
Sorry to drop this on you but.
You shouldn't get your hopes up.
#13 by taiketsu
2019-09-13 at 05:18
Meaning the game wont be produced or is on hiatus atm?
#14 by lordnight
2019-09-13 at 11:51
Latter, it might receive the same treatment with Utawarerumono or Tears to Tiara where there's a huge gap between their respective sequels(?).

Point is, it won't be releasing anytime soon.
#15 by taiketsu
2019-09-13 at 12:01
Well thats still better than no sequel but only the future will know :/


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