On witch OS does it work?

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#1 by perkins
2019-09-12 at 08:21
This may sound weird, but does this VN work on old OS like let's say Vista or maybe even XP has anyone tested it? in the description it says the lowest it can go is Win7, but noone usually put's or tests on everything so I'm curious since every Empress VN worked so far. If Starless could witch is 20x times longer than this one unless it has some crazy graphics
#2 by fuukanou
2019-09-12 at 15:15
Graphics do not control which OS it can run on, though it may be a factor. Usually it is when it calls some code from the OS that doesn't exist in older/newer OS versions that it fails.
As for this, I presume the engine doesn't immediately look the same so you can't just assume.
#3 by kiru
2019-09-12 at 15:58
It can be something as simple as a check in the installer that refuses to do anything as long as it's not seeing any of the supported OS versions. Not a very nice solution, but we are talking about Japanese games here.

Seen that with an old game, though you could make it run by just copying the game folder. Not update though, as it was technically not installed. And that's why it's not a nice way of doing this. It feels rather stupid when a game runs on the OS, but the installer doesn't... or the DRM. Another favorite of mine.


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