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#1 by usuisorata
2019-09-13 at 17:23
I just realised that this and Kiss Bell and some other have the same places so is it possible that it is the same setting
#2 by kiru
2019-09-13 at 17:56
If you base this on backgrounds, you need more. There are plenty of devs reusing background CG, without it being the same setting. A particularly funny example here can be Moonstone, where you see the same zoo background in COMPLETELY different settings. Heck, they even reused some of the Mori Dreamers music for their recent single heroine games. It is SOOOO unfitting, but the music is good and gives you memories of actually good games. Still doesn't mean, that it takes place in that setting though.Last modified on 2019-09-13 at 17:58


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