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#1 by blue
2019-09-21 at 04:30
Pardon me, I would like to ask that you take a look at the revision v2836.37 made by user u141152 regarding a situation that is not quite but still somewhat similar to the one with v768.34 -- Though I was never all that fond of the previous screenshots of VERITA, at least none of them contained any excessive spoilers, like the ones in the new revision for BG0. The same can be said for at least one of the screenshots in VERITA containing a fairly spoiler image of Shuri Leyssen. Do you think that the new revision made to VERITA should be reverted as well?

Personally, I do not dislike or disapprove of the new screenshots, even though users posting the previous screenshots may not take too kindly to having all of the ones that they previously uploaded being replaced. At least in my opinion, the only necessary change I would suggest is for the spoilery screenshot with Shuri to be replaced or reverted to an older screenshot.Last modified on 2019-09-21 at 04:55
#2 by beliar
2019-09-21 at 19:33
I have reverted the user's edit wholesale. Replacing the screens should only be done if they are objectively better, or display the differences between editions - there was really no particular reason for replacement in this case, at least not of the whole image gallery.
#3 by blue
2019-09-22 at 02:01
Very well, if that is your decision. It was not that I wanted to waste any of the effort made by the most recent user who uploaded the new images since they did appear to have placed some thought into the new screenshots (which I did personally appreciated). But seeing all of the previous screenshots (which didn't seem to have much wrong with them) being replaced was a little concerning. Thank you for taking the time to decide on the matter.


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