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#76 by kratoscar2008
2021-04-07 at 06:59
< report >Would be nice to get the original repurposed H content.
Nero, Montezuma, Bedi, only got H there plus the other H scenes for girls like Caesar and Kamehameha too.
#77 by winkel-hime
2021-04-07 at 10:42
< report >The patch will include all VN content from WWX: 200+ character event chains, campaign, 50+ common events.
On project status: we are still in the internal testing phase. As always, I don't give any dates, though there's a big chance we'll release it before April ends.
Also, I can't advise anyone to play gacha games, but there's a world, where you can play jap/eng WWX purely for gameplay and read text from our patch.
#78 by kratoscar2008
2021-04-07 at 10:48
< report >Nice.
Cant wait to give it a go.
#79 by winkel-hime
2021-04-07 at 22:48
< report >Little update. My comrade took a look at English scripts and they are in bad shape, mostly because of "masterful" censorship. Importing translation can take more time and effort than we expected.
#80 by kratoscar2008
2021-04-07 at 23:09
< report >Will you delay the release? Would rather get them untranslated if we get to play it earlier.
#81 by winkel-hime
2021-04-07 at 23:48
< report >My previous estimate for release still stands. We'd like to initially release a fully functional patch, so release with only Japanese text is not on the table for now.
All of this can change, based on how work with the English script will be progressing, of course.
#82 by kratoscar2008
2021-04-07 at 23:58
< report >Well guess gonna give the gacha a go then, H scenes dont matter that much to me much as the context does.
#83 by hexashadow13
2021-04-08 at 20:40
< report >On the censorship in WWX: "Due to violations of the platform guidelines". Isn't this game being published by DMM, who own Johren? Then it's their own platform. This makes absolutely no sense to me.
#84 by winkel-hime
2021-04-08 at 22:15
< report >It seems Johren is their Chinese subsidiary, which can explain a lot by itself.
#85 by kratoscar2008
2021-04-09 at 22:27
< report >Just been playing the gacha and its not so bad.
The game starts with original ES protag and the switches to the GOLD one as saying they are the same character, which might well be since he still has amnesia and this time he was found in a coffin.
I thought it was gonna continue from GOLD (The intro is basically the dame as Gold but only until you unify Jipang, then it takes a different turn) but its only using its assets as this time Payens is not a villain (Was wondering why did she have an H Scene), which is good as it justifies playing it.
Gameplay is basically the same but this time attacks can be physical or magic based so not only you have to take in account the weapon advantage but also the enemies magic and physical defence.
Events are kind of a mismatch with the original and GOLD, like the first scene of Himiko is the original game sex scene while Galahad's is GOLD. But sometimes they add some flavor like Ashoka's fist scene uses the event where she is training with a dummy in GOLD is changed to he disciplining an indian unit (Her name is a mouthful, she is the dark skinned woman with fire) so the game at least kind of justifies sticking with events that one coulf think its just the same scenes ripped from the main games (Which many are to be fair).
Another thing is that the events take place right away regardless of what characters have you met or what places have you conquered so it kind of causes a mismatch.
Its honestly fun, but its probably only because I love the main games and since this patch wont have battles then I will probably keep playing it, hope the censorship drama doesn't sink it.Last modified on 2021-04-09 at 23:20
#86 by winkel-hime
2021-04-09 at 23:42
< report >It certainly not the worst gacha game I played, but it still a gatcha game so all classic gacha shit applies. After an initial period, you will be lucky if you scrap enough gems to roll discounted 1800 gems gacha every event (which doesn't really guarantee that you get a new character). And the grind gets old fast. And prices - with such prices every fucking line of text in this game should be voiced, period. Anyway, let's not start the rant:)

Also, it's funny to see my "seal" censorship example in the SankakuComplex article about the WWX launch.
#87 by kratoscar2008
2021-04-10 at 01:47
< report >Well following the story doesnt seems like it would need much investment, been leveling the same characters just fine, guess I will eventually hit a roadblock but so far it isnt so bad.
The story is different and it introduces the new characters, so how will you handle that? Will you ignore the new story altogether?
Or add the story as events?Last modified on 2021-04-10 at 01:51
#88 by winkel-hime
2021-04-10 at 03:00
< report >We have a campaign, so nothing is ignored.
It's not implemented yet, but, ideally, I want to make character events to be unlocked by campaign chapters/ common events (by assigning character's unlock either to chapter/event, where they "join" the main character's side or implemented in the game). Common events would be unlocked by finishing the campaign and itself unlocked in sequential order.
Now, that's not how WWX handles the events of the characters and maybe too hardcore for an average audience, so it's not set in stone that it will make in the final version of the patch.

Aside from all that, reading a campaign through Johren might be the optimal way right now. From my point of view, progressing the campaign with actual battles just gives a better playing experience, which we can't recreate just by text in the patch. The same goes for common events, but due to their limited availability, there's no real choice (our in-game implementation of common events is strictly better than the replay function in the original game).
#89 by kratoscar2008
2021-04-10 at 04:58
< report >Yeah the battles add to it, but the scenes are mostly the most important to me (And I assume most people because GOLD story isnt good enough).
No wonder its taking you guys time.
Also forgot to ask, will you add the poking characters feature?Last modified on 2021-04-10 at 19:44
#90 by winkel-hime
2021-04-11 at 13:50
< report >Sadly, poking characters, aside from pocking them with your hyper weapon in H-scenes, is out of the scope of the patch. GOLD doesn't have the technical basis to implement it (so you would need to write code from scratch) and we don't have access to subtitles for the phrases or, at least, they don't have dedicated script files for them.

I'm checking a test eng patch right now, and the translation seems a bit strange. Why Prester John now has a fish pun in every second sentence? Also, "galaxy brain", really?
#91 by kratoscar2008
2021-04-11 at 18:06
< report >I see, thats a shame.
At least the assets will be available if for some miracle a hardcore coder decides to try adding more stuff.
And yeah some characters are given quirks to their dialogue to make them stand out apparently.
#92 by girugamesh
2021-04-15 at 20:14
< report >I didn't knew about this patch project, i played Eiyuu Senki years ago and now i'm playing the gacha. So i created this account to make you some questions.
Do you intend to update the vn art with the new gacha's one? I by that i mean the uncanny sprites that Ooyari remade for the gacha.
Also, is there any chances of you adding alternative characters like Summer Masamune?
Like a fully playable character or then as an alternative costume(i don't even know if GOLD support that, i'll wait your patch to play it)
Anyway, just having the history without censoring and paywall is already great, you're doing God's work.
#93 by winkel-hime
2021-04-15 at 22:01
< report >The patch will not change any part of the original GOLD. But we use WWX sprites for WWX content.
Making alternative costumes for characters is definitely possible, but not in the scope of this patch. On other hand, making a fully playable character is a more difficult task. Major points are battle animations (we didn't test if those we can get are compatible with GOLD) and skills (one would need to write code from scratch, using existing GOLD counterparts). Overall, we decided to not port any actual gameplay elements.
I can say a lot about the gacha element of the game, but the gameplay is decent. If you are really interested in gameplay, just play original WWX.
#94 by girugamesh
2021-04-16 at 00:34
< report >I see.
I'll keep playing the gacha until you release the patch then, while the gameplay is nice, i'm burned out of gacha games to invest too much into it, and i don't mean money, but is the grinding that sucks out my soul.
Hopefully tenco will repent one day.
#95 by kratoscar2008
2021-04-16 at 02:18
< report >Gamer isnt very grindy really.
I been playing the game a few hours a day and been playing the story with no issues, only have 2 brigades but the main one could solo the fields.
Honestly its as fun as the original games.
the new girls are good too (Only shame is that they dont have different facial expressions, not even new main heroine Ryouma which isnt that relevant since masamune i still the one leading the team along protag).
#96 by winkel-hime
2021-04-17 at 01:21
< report >Small update on status: if you have Gawain (school uniform) and transform 3 star Gawain, you can have TWO loli Gawains in your party.
Less exciting info: English text is integrated, testing still going on. They didn't translated all stuff at this point, so it will be a mix between English and Japanese text. While testing I encountered a fair share of grammatical errors, and completely wrong translations a few times. Still, not the worst translation I saw in my life.
#97 by peanutwithnobut
2021-04-20 at 03:22
< report >whats up, I got a random question. I noticed a lot of .dat files in the settings and opened them up with notepad. Looks like some things can be changed? But the language isn't readable. Anyone know if I can use this to change some settings
#98 by winkel-hime
2021-04-20 at 14:59
< report >You need the arc_conv tool (with the corresponding repipack) to unpack/pack .dat files. Changing any settings isn't in our plans (and I don't see any need for it), so I can't tell how moddable they are. You will need to research it on your own.
#99 by droganpc
2021-04-20 at 20:02
< report >I just finished 2 routes' story in nutaku and didnt encounter any Australia hero. Am I missing something ??? Yoshitsune and Lu Bu are my aces now, also I ignore most 4 star chars, well at least Ryoma is useful to beat last battle.
Hm, I wonder who's behind the stupid censorship ?
#100 by winkel-hime
2021-04-20 at 20:13
< report >In original WWX, Australian heroes were introduced in event 3 "The exile's continent".