does english release contain mother route patch?

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#1 by neetmillionaire
2019-09-25 at 18:28
does it?
#2 by shining17
2019-09-25 at 18:58
Ya, it does.
#3 by usagi
2019-09-25 at 20:41
What the deal with the patches, codes and all that sh1t? 0_0 Is there a way to just start the game where all content is activated and included already?
#4 by kancas
2019-09-26 at 01:05
Mom route was only a patch for the Japanese release, it's included by default in the English one.
@usagi The only patch you need is the hotfix (r66480), the other patches are for personal preferences if you want to change something and the codes are just for extra stuff like commentaries from the voice actresses.


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