Is this the last game in the series?

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#1 by lmceachern
2019-10-05 at 17:26
< report >Is this the last game in the series? Or is it an end of an arc? Is there going to be more after this? Thank you.
#2 by diabloryuzaki
2019-10-05 at 20:08
< report >End of an arc and last game, now her route will make everything complete
#3 by lmceachern
2019-10-05 at 20:19
< report >diabloryuzaki will there be anymore 9 games after this?
#4 by diabloryuzaki
2019-10-06 at 05:03
< report >if in yuki arc we still not resolve that ultimate artifact problem, probably we will have takeru episode after that
#5 by prinzeugenz
2019-11-26 at 05:56
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#6 by azusaairi
2020-03-07 at 10:21
< report >this is just another fate series
#7 by taiketsu
2020-03-07 at 14:09
< report >since i dont know what happens in the 3. games bc no english release atm and from what i heard i also would suggest at most a takeru episode if this isnt the last game.
I just hope they end the series before they try to milk it so dry that it becomes sht bc so far i rly liked the first 2 games.
#8 by naiohoras
2020-03-27 at 14:10
< report >alright guys, the OP has just been released link.. the hype is real!
I'm really curious what will the story about so let us guess from the OP itself since the series usually drop hints at the OP.

> chess king piece
> the message at the end of the video 「少女の夢ーーその果てに」which means something like "it will result in... the girl's dream"
> the eye artifact

somehow, it made me think that Yuki is somehow related to Sophie/Iris.
#9 by diabloryuzaki
2020-03-27 at 14:22
< report >^ well, most of development can be guessed if you read senpai route the problem is "what happen if we have true route after read yuki route?"
#10 by afiefsky
2020-04-23 at 21:24
< report >Hopefully no
Hopefully there is one another game where it contains something like grand route, something like where the protagonist in the end become somewhat the true king and having a harem
The game configuration page should contains all of the heroine voice as well (not just limited to one of their own respective game)
#11 by heliosalpha
2020-04-24 at 18:55
< report >The guide for the game includes an options that says Iris is no more , so maybe it's the last one? Hope someone reads the story and can fill in the blanks soon
#12 by hahalolz
2020-04-25 at 11:18
< report >Just finished it so here's a quick spoiler for the ending After the real end credits(yes it got faked) Sophie appears once more to finally confirm that Iris no longer exists and thanks Nine for helping. She then explains that Sora, Haruka, and Noa's branches reached a happy end but Miyako still didn't reach a desired happy end and that Nine must observe her branches. The scenary then changes to the shrine at night with Miyako's back turned towards the screen. If anyone have any questions just ask. Don't wanna write a wall.Last modified on 2020-04-25 at 11:19
#13 by diabloryuzaki
2020-04-25 at 14:21
< report >#12
then it mean we will have the real grand route if it is like what you said
#14 by taiketsu
2020-04-25 at 15:33
< report >#12
so if i got that right (only read first 2 titles) Sora,Haruka and Noa get a "happy" end in their routes but Miyako not?
If i remember right the 1. game ended with Miyako's power growing stronger after that bathroom sex? and there was that Ghost seen watching them.

So based on what u sad final game might come for Miyako route again?
#15 by hahalolz
2020-04-25 at 20:56
< report >#14
This is speculation on my part but if you've played every game of this series than you'll notice that Miyako's game is the only one where Nine didn't interfere at all. Nine just see two possibilities where Miyako gets turned to stone and the other where she and Kakeru became a happy couple but Ghost is overlooking them at the end. Judging by that last scene in this game we might be returning to the point before Miyako gets turned to stone. Nine will grant Kakeru memories of the other branches the moment he starts searching for Miyako and confront Yoichi once more to tie up some loose ends that happened in Miyako's branches.Last modified on 2020-04-25 at 21:11
#16 by taiketsu
2020-04-26 at 06:30
< report >#15 well since i didnt read the other 2 games yet (i hope SP will hurry up) i wouldnt mind a 5. game if it gives a good clousure and not just new sex with Miyako.
Since i can only judge based on Sora and Miyako so far, Miyako feels more like the main heroine so it would be nice to see a "happy" end instead of that vague forbodding ending.
#17 by onetrueemiya
2020-04-26 at 14:20
< report >You can basically consider it to be the last game in the series. Anything after this will basically be fandisc stuff. Iris is gone for good this time and all the loose ends are basically tied up. Like Sophie said, the only thing left is giving Miyako the happy end she deserves, but that's more a bonus than anything. They've had the big final showdown anyway, the only possible thing left to milk is settling the score with Yoichi and preventing Miyako's power from going out of control.
#18 by hahalolz
2020-04-26 at 17:03
< report >Lol I wouldn't be surprised that there would be a harem end if a fandisk gets made considering that during the final battle Kakeru is joined with the heroines of their respective branches but because of the situation they barely had any interactions with each other. Was pretty funny seeing Noa's reactions after returning to her branch especially that she knows Kakeru had sex with his own sister in another branch.
#19 by afiefsky
2020-04-27 at 02:43
< report >They should make a 5th game which tell more about Nine origins until it's clear who's he actually or how he gains the original Overlord power, and should be considered as Grand Route or Harem Route. Every Sophitia and Nine scene always indicate that it's something like Sophie talking to Player, which giving me opinion that Nine is simply a player/reader. It may be like that but I don't want to believe that because that will make this game a lightly breaking the 4th wall game.

Just ended the game, that corpse scene on Kakeru room still thrills me up until now, even the retry effort Kakeru did until he reach that point was so frustrating, the way it presented to reader kinda perfection in my opinion, the bgm play, CG drawing effect, everything fits there, never been thrilled like this since Euphoria or Kara no Shoujo 1Last modified on 2020-04-27 at 04:39
#20 by cubky
2020-04-27 at 03:10
< report >#19 I really hope they will not add any backstory to Nine. Nine being the player just using regular eroge mechanics to make Kakeru get the best ending possible was one of the important things that made the last two games really good for me. Though that partly went down the drain after Iris got the same/similar power in-universe...
#21 by afiefsky
2020-04-27 at 16:23
< report >#20 I mostly agree, Yukiiro ending should conclude everything, and the epilogue where Nine (we, the player) begin to interfere with Kakeru on Miyako route should left on player's perspective, since Iris was gone on that branch as well (she's gone on every single possible branch), it should be ended with Kakeru get that medicine from Sophie to separate the artifact from Miyako's body.

I'm still curious tho, does Yoichi on other branch (Miyako, Sora, Haruka) have that defeated Iris fight memories as well? During the entire gameplay from volume 1 to 4, the one who realized Nine existence is only Sophitia (and Kakeru), even Iris only know about Overlord not the Nine existence themselves.

Somehow I feel that if the franchise continue to episode 5 there should be a returning Yoichi as the antagonist who realized Nine existence.

The fact that in the last moment Yoichi returned his own eye artifact to Sophie, and moved away from Kakeru's life, left me a guess where Iris probably installed memories to Yoichi in every possible route using overlord before her death.

I played some 4th wall game on my past, but this one is unique, "Player as Character" is really something I found new (other common 4th wall game only indicate that Player is Player, not a character in game), and I want to feel that again where in game character talking to the Player as character.
#22 by igarashisora
2020-05-07 at 14:29
< report >Maybe have a fan disk which will complete the Miyako route and other characters' after-story.Last modified on 2020-05-07 at 14:30
#23 by bdawg
2020-05-07 at 17:23
< report >SPOILERS (Man I forgot how to do the hidden thing)

I think it will end here. Miyako's bad end is only one we have to directly intervene with so showing her at end basically implying we fixed that.
Though I do hope for a Sophitia arc and want to know how the protagonist will live on the world all died. I thought it would be interesting if protagonist where all die would go with Sophitia to her world, I mean everyone he was close to is dead what left for him to do in that world.

#20 I'd say Yoichi obtained the memory on all branches, they didn't show for Miyako, Sora and Haruka, but in Noa's branch he did get the memory but he didn't have will to fight so gave the Demon Eye artifact to Sophitia and disappeared. Also Iris did find out about Nine too, in last show down she tried to kill Nine (us lol) with Noa's artifact but protagonist shut the connection with us immediately. It would really suck if they created a 5th with Yoichi as antagonist cuz it was proven that he's way weaker than protagonist and was only borrowing power from Iris, without her he can't do much.Last modified on 2020-05-07 at 17:30
#24 by naiohoras
2020-05-14 at 12:45
< report >link this coma might be come as a joke but this can be interpreted that most likely we will get a raburabu eroero fandisk from the dev, including a proper end of Miyako's branch.Last modified on 2020-05-14 at 13:05
#25 by shiny
2020-06-17 at 22:14
< report >#21 Trying to recommend a game that does the 4th wall thing well is near impossible because it's always an auto-spoiler, but if you liked the redoing bad ends over and over part then try out Furuiro Meikyuu Rondo ~Histoire de Destin~. It's good.

I really do hope that last scene was an indicator we'll get another game, if it was meant to give closure to the player then it did exactly the opposite. Yeah, you can view it the same way as #24 but it seemed kinda ominous to me.

Plus it really bothered me that after Iris was confirmed dead, the game did not give the player a chance to visit the other (Miyako's, Sora's & Haruka's) happy end branches and see Kakeru realize everything is indeed over, even though it would have made sense to do so. I know this is Noa's game, but since it builds on all of the previous character routes, it's kinda disappointing to have "oi did you really bang your sister in an alt world when you had the chance?!?" be the only throwback to the past games' endings. So I'd rather believe they're saving that sort of epilogue for a 5th game...

Also without a final game to tie everything up there won't be a Rena subroute. I need that, even if it's just going to be a bad end.