Blurry sprites and CG

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#1 by lfvoid
2019-10-06 at 23:59
Alright so I know this is an obscure game and everything amd probably isn't worth the effort I'm putting in but, ok so when I boot the game up the character sprites and CGs all appear pixely and overall just really gross looking. Has anyone else had or has this issue? And if so, any solutions? If not uh, can anyone tell where I should go to get some help? I really just wanna enjoy myself here
#2 by marianokun
2019-12-01 at 20:53
Hi, ifvoid. Just installed game and started playing. I don't seem to have any issue with sprites or cgs even when running it in my almost 10-year-old Win 8 computer. Though I do have an awful 8-second lag transition from config screen back to game, oh well.


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