Where to get visual novels?

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#1 by zytoep
2019-10-07 at 10:59
Sorry if this is a dumb question, buy where do you guys get your visual novels? I’m having trouble tracking down any downloads or copies of some titles and the Japanese sites are difficult to navigate. Getting them to work on American computers would be a another issue.

Thanks for any help.
#2 by bunny1ov3r
2019-10-07 at 12:52
Steam is a good place to buy VNs actually. Otherwise go to Jast, MG, or Sekai's website.
#3 by echozulu
2019-10-07 at 15:02
Alternatively use DLSiteJP or DMM for VNs with fan-translations.
#4 by fuukanou
2019-10-07 at 15:26
If you need physical copies of old games, you can get them used (and usually pretty cheap) from Suruga-ya. You'll need to use a Japanese postal proxy service to get them outside the country though. If you're looking for something more recent, Getchu is usually the cheapest, but you should always cross-check with Japanese Amazon or the like. Pre-ordering is the way to go if you want a game close to its release date, they ship (domestically) before the release date so you get it a bit faster.Last modified on 2019-10-07 at 15:31
#5 by loctar87
2019-10-08 at 01:06
For the majority of untranslated or patched games setting your Windows system locale to Japanese will fix most problems. I just leave mine set like that. Officially translated games won't have that requirement.

For buying games, this site will often provide links to the English and Japanese publisher. As the others have stated, for English games Steam, Jast USA, Mangagamer, and Sekai Project (among others) all sell English VNs.
#6 by zytoep
2019-10-08 at 02:24
what about ero ones that never got a western release or translation? Tracking down a physical copy would be impossible without traveling to Japan, are there any places to download them?Last modified on 2019-10-08 at 02:24
#7 by lala7
2019-10-08 at 02:41
There is also alternative like Denpasoft

#6 see #3 or just click here dlsite and DMMLast modified on 2019-10-08 at 02:41
#8 by fuukanou
2019-10-08 at 03:23
#6, my comment (#4) literally covers physical copies without travelling to Japan...

If you want physical JP VNs read my comment (#4), if you want digital read echozulu's comment (#3).
#9 by barfboy
2019-10-10 at 10:15
Alpharomdie is sometimes necessary to play some titles outside Japan. I've only seen this with some lolicon titles that check for whether you're playing on a version of windows not sold outside Japan.
Like Shuki Shuki Daishuki!!
or Low Spec!? ~Ore to Toshishita Kanojo to Seikyouiku!~

As for physical copies, Amazon.jp link
and link

I've even found copies of rare games like link


So I doubt you can come up with something unavailable somewhere. In fact the only game I've ever failed to find a copy of was Kekkon Marriage and that's because the word is just too common to find a game with that title.
#10 by tomtheerogeman
2019-10-10 at 13:25
I've only seen this with some lolicon titles

That's included in SiglusEngine and later versions of Reallive by default. Even Key games will check your OS...
#11 by echozulu
2019-10-10 at 14:44
Afaik RealLive was SiglusEngine's prior name/predecessor and Key using those measures is not surprising. It's probably forced upon by VisualArts since the tonework's titles also use Siglus and check your OS. Additionally, tonework's is owned by VisualArts.
I just checked it, both of those loli-con titles were made by VA subsidiaries.

If you want to use a fan-translated patch with a Siglus title I recommend SiglusExtract (downloads are under the header 'Releases' since I'm basically a github noob I though it's important to point that out). It's supposed to be used as an extraction tool for script and other stuff but it has the nice feature of starting the VN in the background as well (in the foreground if you enable Fullscreen in the VN settings). Tsurezure Scans patches in particular are notorious for CD/DVD checks since they use those versions as the source material for their patches. This is pretty annoying for people who only ever get the DL version. It's a VERY lightweight program and can therefore be used as an unofficial No-CD crack + AlphaRom crack (for Siglus titles only, unless someone knows something I don't). If you use AlphaRomdiE on a VN patched with a fan-TL, you'll get weird spacing and line-wrapping issues, it's still readable and playable but what may have fitted on one line before can now take up three.Last modified on 2019-10-10 at 15:23


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