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#1 by periah250
2019-10-07 at 22:31
Just tried the remake after failing at playing the original 3 times.

it feels like you aren't suppose to play this game. it's near impossible to even pay attention to the story at all when your too busy checking the jewel thing every single line and every single scene. just saw mio at the triangle mountain and low and behold I had like 4 things i missed earlier and i tried clicking on a jewel and it a jewel save where I shouldn't have ruining that save completely.
so the only choice I'd have is to restart yet again and be mind numbingly careful not to click the jewels and to only ever do so when I think a split is coming. with how long this game is. I can't see me getting too far without fucking up again. thusly having to restart completely over again. How the hell does one even proceed in this game let alone even pay any attention to the story?
#2 by tsdenizen
2019-10-07 at 23:06
It's really not too bad once you get a feel for it. Generally the reflector will have a glowing stone at important divergent points. It's usually not a bad idea to drop a jewel when this happens. Stick to one route at a time, drop jewels at splits, then roll backwards picking them and picking the other choices. If you're having too much trouble blind, here's a walkthrough: link

It's definitely complex. VN is a misnomer, this is a labyrinth of an adventure title. But it's worth it and the gameplay is really cool once you kinda get the general pattern to follow.
#3 by periah250
2019-10-07 at 23:37
I keep trying to get this down and i hear its amazing and im really interested to play it. But reading a walkthrough effectly distracts me so much i cant get into the story. Im damned if i do. Damned if i dont. And it irks me si much
#4 by laukku
2019-10-08 at 06:59
it's near impossible to even pay attention to the story at all when your too busy checking the jewel thing every single line and every single scene
At least in the original, the reflector device makes a sound when you have made new progress on the timeline, and a button on it blinks when you're at a divergence. These handily signal everything important for you. You only need to constantly manually check it when replaying a segment (because the sound isn't made in already explored timelines), and then you're probably skipping the old dialogue lines anyway.

got a jewel save where I shouldn't have ruining that save completely.
What? Undoing a jewel save is easy peasy - you simply load it. When you load a jewel save the respective jewel returns to you, available for reuse. If you used up your last jewel, preventing you from bringing out the timeline map, go to the main menu and select "restart with current map and items"; Takuya always opens the map in the very beginning even if you don't have jewels left, allowing you to reclaim them.

Your actual saveslots (loadable from the main menu) will never be permanently ruined. At most you have to replay a huge segment, because you didn't place a jewel save at a convenient spot. Heck, the jewel saves theoretically aren't even necessary because you can always restart with current items via the menu and replay to the required spot (even though that'd be insanely tedious), and the jewels are more like shortcut makers.

In short, you cannot place a jewel save in a "wrong" spot, but you can fail to place it in a "correct" spot; in the latter case, you have to backtrack but the whole playthrough isn't ruined.
#5 by periah250
2019-10-08 at 07:37
Oh...then my playthrough wasn't jcked up beyond belief? thank god the prospect of actually playing the game is alot less daunting now. I'll give it another shot definitely
#6 by tsdenizen
2019-10-08 at 16:11
Also, the remake actually has hint system which can be super helpful. You can turn it off and on in settings and it'll tell you the trigger locations and when items are coming up (it'll show up on the sides of the screen whenever you're hovered over an investigation point). That might be a good compromise between blind and walkthrough. And everything #4 said is correct. You'll need to see everything to unlock the epilogue, so nothing is wasted. If you place jewels intelligently, you can save a bunch of time when exploring other paths, but it's not necessary. You could pretty much ignore the system totally (play to the end of a route, then restart with map and items), but you'd be replaying a lot of content since there are so many branching paths.

Between the skip text option and the hint system, the remake really is a lot more player friendly. So don't worry so much. Play, and if you make a 'mistake', you can fix it.
#7 by lexyvil
2019-10-09 at 03:56
You should do like me and play the game normally first, that is without meddling with the reflector and jewels. Play it like a normal kinetic visual novel, and the game mechanic will eventually make more sense after a few endings or dead ends.

Just keep in mind not to use the last Jewel, or you won't be able to open up the flowchart/timeline map (as it's what powers the reflector).Last modified on 2019-10-09 at 03:58


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