Where are all the isekai vns?

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#26 by sakurakoi
2019-10-09 at 03:47
it doesn't matter how obvious the twists are (if it has any)
Indeed, that sure is not an objective point on which to judge a story and whether it is well-written.

Most tropes themselves aren't even bad and some only given the circumstances. There are so many means and way in which writers can be lazy and evoking immersion, sympathy and empathy through a fantasy protagonist which is closer to our PoV is a much smaller "evil" than (let's actually give a concrete example than silly generalizations):

"Kill the Cutie" link

Again, there are many valid means on how it is justified to have the isekai premise to be popular and never did I write anything akin to "it's popular because it is good" yet we have an "it's popular therefore it's trash" over at #18.

if your going to do it then don't half ass it. Do it right.
I gladly say it again: Sturgeon's law. Again you make it out that disproportionally isekai makers are somehow lazy or incompetent when other works are no different in that they use "objectively bad writing".

And "objectively bad writing" are two things (in terms of content):
-stuff that should have details has them not while stuff that does't have it (bad pacing)
-repeated intervention through the author through introducing ever more premises, coincidences and "new character traits" (like being stupid/a genius at the worst times) to keep the story/drama going. This though also included other character acting "wrong" as well to get a for the intention favorable outcome/excuse. (bad characters and event management)
Isekai? Only one premise in itself. You may complain if the protagonist is oddly enough as part of his backstory an athletic shut-in+NEET with martial prowess but alas that is seen as masterpiece by "avid readers that oh-so-love deep stuff" (even though bad characters and event management sure applies).

Last but not least "believing in objectivity"=/="believing in sweeping generalizations while providing absolutely no concrete example whatsoever, not even remotely. Sophistry and appeal to emotion banzai!"
#27 by altonan
2019-10-09 at 04:07

Firstly I never said "its popular therefore it's automatically trash" I simply stated that something CAN be popular whilst also not being good. Being popular doesn't automatically make something bad either. Once again: Popularity is more about being in the right place at the right time REGARDLESS of whether its good or bad.

Secondly you've already dismissed the examples I listed as generalisations and appealing to emotion. So what example I provide will ever be good enough for you?

Thirdly I'm pretty sure there are plenty of other examples of objectively bad writing like the story not following it's own internal logic, world building which doesn't make sense, etc.

Finally I never said other genres didn't suffer from their share of bad writers, simply that isekai is most profitable at the moment so its currently attracting the majority of them.Last modified on 2019-10-09 at 11:35


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