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#1 by Yorhel
2007-12-05 at 19:28
< report >No large updates technically-wise, but still quite a lot of small improvements. I was planning to upload this version last Sunday, but you know how that works. So now I present a new version on a Wednesday for a change!

* A long awaited feature has now been implemented: you can now see how large a visual novel is! It won't tell you exactly how long a VN is as there are only 5 options available, but it does tell you that Tsukihime is quite a bit longer than A Dream of Summer. :-)

* I have removed the Audience category and its subcategories because they were pretty useless, the other categories already give a general idea about the intended audience.

* Added an age rating field to releases. This should solve problems for visual novels that have both 18+ releases as versions intended for all audiences.

* Added links to Wikipedia and CISVisual for visual novels that have an entry on those websites. Other sites may be added in the future, you can request them in this thread.

* It is now possible to add an [url] bbcode tag to visual novel descriptions. This should only be used for links to the source of the description. (Don't worry, everything is moderated =)

* Replaced the unfriendly and sophisticated category input form with plain old checkboxes.

* Various performance improvements and bug fixes.

And although I already made some small notes here and there about an IRC channel, I have never really officially announced it. So I hereby invite everyone to our shiny new IRC channel: #vndb @! I don't expect many people to come there, but chances are high I will be online. It is also highly recommended to join the channel if you are requesting changes to the database as this allows you to get instant feedback when a moderator is online. :-)
For those who are not familiar with IRC, there's also a webchat available. Just choose a nickname, specify #vndb as channel and hit enter!Last modified on 1970-01-01 at 00:00


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