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#26 by Yorhel
2019-10-12 at 19:37
< report >Alright, username capitalization is back to normal.

You can disable other people rewards?
Uh, yes, so you don't have to see other people's skins, badges or unicode usernames. Only affects you, others will still see it.
#27 by periah250
2019-10-12 at 19:37
< report >#24 ill assume thats what it means....but ill hold out hope this is some bizarre battle royale.
#28 by bobjr2000
2019-10-12 at 19:59
< report >I am not on board unless we get a bloody royale

tôi kratistôi
#29 by ffthewinner
2019-10-13 at 01:22
< report >wow! it is already up to two thirds the first goal! good job VNDB community! this site definitely deserves it :)
#30 by Mutsuki
2019-10-13 at 01:33
< report >What happens if you get the $10 reward and then you stop pledging? Reward get revoked? What if you get yourself banned?Last modified on 2019-10-13 at 01:42
#31 by lala7
2019-10-13 at 06:28
< report >so for 11 years you were using your own money to pay the server? that's some dedication here.
#32 by Yorhel
2019-10-13 at 10:22
< report >This Patreon is going pretty well so far, many thanks for all the support!

What happens if...
I have a little script to synchronize the Patron list with the database, which I run at least once a day. So if your tier changes, your rewards will be updated accordingly. Banned users can still use their account, the rewards are unaffected.

so for 11 years you were using your own money to pay the server?
Nah, only for the first 4 years or so. Earnings from affiliate links fluctuate a *lot*, but on average have been paying the server bill just fine. t1368

EDIT: I have to say, my announcements from back then were a lot funnier than my more recent announcement style. I'll work on that the next time.Last modified on 2019-10-13 at 10:32
#33 by goldelysium
2019-10-13 at 14:54
< report >Wait a sec. You're dutch? Or belgium? Didn't know that. The rest of the message is expecting you to be from the Netherlands and will not be fully translated. #19 is correct, but if you read the article it looks like you don't have to do "Belastingaangifte" unless it's this:
Woont uw schenker buiten Nederland?
En is hij of zij Nederlander? Dan hoeft u alleen aangifte te doen als hij of zij minder dan 10 jaar geleden buiten Nederland is gaan wonen.

Heeft de schenker een andere nationaliteit? En ging hij of zij minder dan 1 jaar geleden buiten Nederland wonen? Dan moet u ook aangifte doen.
So if someone isn't from the Netherlands the tax agency shouldn't get angry at you.
#34 by vdz
2019-10-13 at 17:09
< report >The € 2.173 thing applies to donations from both Dutch people and people outside The Netherlands. The difference is that donations from non-Dutch people must always be registered in your yearly tax report (belastingaangifte), while donations from Dutch people don't need to be reported unless they're significant enough to be taxed (e.g. if I give someone IRL 100 bucks I don't need to tell the tax agency about that because that would be dumb, but they do want to know you're receiving 20 bucks a month from 10 Americans so they can double-check you're not just selling stuff without charging/paying the appropriate taxes or even sketchier stuff).
#35 by Yorhel
2019-10-14 at 10:37
< report >Yup, I'm Dutch. Been looking into it a bit more, the rules you point to regarding donations are very much in our favour, but, in looking for whether I could provide the rewards to donators, I can't for the life of me find their definition of a "schenking", so I can't even be certain whether "accept money to keep the site running" counts as a donation or commercial activity. There's a fairly good article regarding income from Patreon and that's what I've used as a guideline - as in, I included income tax in calculating that ultimate goal of $1600. The article has this scary line, though, and I can't find a thing to dispute it:
[..] voor zover belastingvrij crowdfunding überhaupt mogelijk is onder het huidige recht

And figuring out how to do the Stichting thing properly, as in #19, is unlikely to be worth the hassle - based on others who've attempted to diversify their income, it's likely that Patreon will be by far the most significant source. Doesn't mean I won't provide alternatives, but I won't be spending days to figure out how to do that administratively. And these things can get messy (unlikely to get that bad with the more modest VNDB activities, but still).
#36 by goldelysium
2019-10-14 at 12:38
< report >True enough. I also already was looking into "schenking", but there isn't anything on their site about the definition. Hmm, ok #34.Last modified on 2019-10-14 at 12:38
#37 by ffthewinner
2019-10-18 at 02:45
< report >and, less than a week later, the first goal has already been achieved! congrats Yorhel! :)Last modified on 2019-10-18 at 02:45
#38 by Ileca
2019-10-18 at 03:00
< report >Stretch goals:
2800$: Yorhel will dedicate his entire time to slave over vndb. 24/24 7/7 no coffee break.
3400$: Yorhel will record a sex tape featuring ten random sexual tags from vndb. Lethal tags non included but non realistic ones can be replaced by equivalents.
4000$: Yorhel will personally make home visits to 10$+ patrons to ❤❤❤thank❤❤❤ them personally for their support. A new developer will be hired for that purpose.
#39 by Ninigi
2019-10-18 at 03:10
< report >Lmao! Good one.
#40 by NowItsAngeTime
2019-10-18 at 03:34
< report >Congrats on the first goal met
#41 by Mutsuki
2019-10-18 at 03:37
< report >Could the spacing for the left hand column please be increased just a bit?

atm #40's post looks like:
#40 by
NowItsAngeTime [star]
2019-10-18 at 03:34

instead of
#40 by NowItsAngeTime [star]
2019-10-18 at 03:34

and it's bothering me
#42 by Yorhel
2019-10-18 at 06:11
< report >First goal reached! \o/
Thanks for the support!

@eacil: I'm sure we can find sexier porn actors for those stretch goals, putting me in that role guarantees that we'll never get the funding...

@fuukanou: Done.
#43 by ffthewinner
2019-10-18 at 19:16
< report >@Eacil: The last one is legit hilarious XD
I think that one should be reserved for the 50$ supporters though,after all, Yorhel himself says "I don't know what else to give you, but if I think of something you'll be the first to get it!" ;)Last modified on 2019-10-18 at 19:20
#44 by bobjr2000
2019-10-19 at 04:31
< report >We reached goal does that mean were over throwing Yorhel? About time. "only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people's cultures and the Dutch."
#45 by hinoe
2019-10-22 at 16:30
< report >Three very minor things:
1) That star stands out horribly and I wish for a way to be rid of it via CSS.
2) I absolutely hate unicode abuse (especially emoji and icons) and pray you don't allow that sort of thing in user names.
3) I really think that I could do with everyone getting to use uppercase in their names, in the first letter if nowhere else. For clarity: this point is tangentially related to the vanity display name for patrons, yes, but that patron feature, in and of itself, doesn't bother me so long as it doesn't conflict with actual usernames in any way.

That minor griping aside, I have no real complaints. I have no money to throw your way, but if taking donations leads to more/better features, I find my minor griping to be worth it. It's not like I can't hide that huge patreon banner; *that* would've bothered me a lot more.

Added by edit to not double post: setting aside my general comments above, is it intended that I am greeted by a different stylesheet when I look at angelo's profile? Because if it is, I urge you to reconsider. It's all very fine in theory, but that stylesheet makes my eyes hurt, and I'm a bit bothered by the idea of having one's choice in stylesheet forced down everyone else's throats because not all stylesheets are all-around eye-friendly. Just to be clear, I'm not saying it's a bad stylesheet; I'm saying that to each their own and that some stylesheets, such as that one, appeal very much to some eyes but not at all to others (conversely, it wouldn't be a problem if all stylesheets appealed to all eyes, but we all know how hard that is, don't we?).

@eacil: nice last goal, lol.Last modified on 2019-10-22 at 16:45
#46 by Yorhel
2019-10-22 at 17:06
< report >@hinoe: All of the points you mentioned can be disabled with the $1 tier. The stylesheet change is the $15 tier, which almost nobody has anyway.

As for unicode abuse: I love it. Added ✓ and ✗ abuse at the "recent changes" filters recently, will probably use it more.
#47 by azengar
2019-10-22 at 23:03
< report >Oh god, this is kinda funny still, guess I'll have to brace myself every time I open a patreon user profile page lol.
#48 by Mutsuki
2019-10-22 at 23:20
< report >#46, are there any rules with the CSS? I can see the "whatever background you want" being abused for NSFW and spoilers, meaning you have to pay to avoid spoilers and NSFW content if you go on anyone else's userpage.
#49 by Yorhel
2019-10-23 at 05:59
< report >#48: Same rules as pretty much everywhere else on the site. NSFW and spoilers have to be flagged, which is impossible with custom backgrounds and hence not allowed.
#50 by hinoe
2019-10-27 at 03:36
< report >
All of the points you mentioned can be disabled with the $1 tier.

Oh, then tell me more about how "it's made annoying on purpose so as to make you pay to be rid of it" became a development policy.

If you want to do that, great, but be upfront about it. Great way of lowering the server bills, though, getting people to GTFO.

As for unicode abuse: I love it.

I sort of wish you weren't forcing *your* personal tastes on others, especially on people who have actual technical issue with those fonts.