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#126 by thereservoir
2021-04-03 at 02:07
< report >Oh sweet, sign me up then!
#127 by ecchihieronymus
2021-04-12 at 18:04
< report >MG sale on GOG.
#128 by Mutsuki
2021-04-21 at 00:31
< report >Oinari-sama to Dadaama Kozukurikon ~Nuicha Dame! Takusan Dashite Oneesan no Shikyuu Ippai ni Shite Kudasai ne♪~ is currently free on DLsite (no drm). link
Getting it nets you a free 20% of miel/norn coupon so it's not too bad a deal lol.Last modified on 2021-04-21 at 00:35
#129 by Tidning
2021-05-21 at 17:33
< report >There is a 5 Escu:de VNs for 5000 yen sale on DLsite until 5/31.
It'd be nice if future posts included end dates so others don't have to click links to sales that already have ended...
#130 by Ileca
2021-05-28 at 03:14
< report >All Lose's stuff except Last Run is at 100 yens on dlsite.
#131 by barfboy
2021-05-28 at 05:26
< report >That's a great idea tidning, I'll do that from now on.
#132 by gvbn
2021-05-28 at 05:28
< report >There should be a 90% off coupon for Last Run in your coupons. You can apply it to the complete pack which has everything Maitetsu related.
#133 by sevenbar
2021-06-12 at 07:32
< report >DLsite 11yen sale (ends 6/21)
Including "In Vitro Shoujo series" and "LOVE x EVOLUTION" series
#134 by ecchihieronymus
2021-06-13 at 18:17
< report >Atelier Kaguya 10 for 10k Sale, all the way up to Mama X Holic o.o More like 20 for 20k or 30 for 30k O.O
WillPlus 10 for 10k Sale, including Great Deceiver, Kisaku-tachi, P/A and Lewdness, to name a few.
#135 by gvbn
2021-06-30 at 17:15
< report >DLsite summer sale
#136 by gvbn
2021-07-01 at 06:18
< report >DMM summer sale
#137 by barfboy
2021-07-02 at 06:21
< report >Also has a ¥500 sale with it
#138 by ecchihieronymus
2021-07-10 at 23:28
< report >10 Harem titles for 10k until 19.07., pretty diverse and good selection of VNs.
#139 by gvbn
2021-09-16 at 01:02
< report >DMM fall sale
#140 by Mutsuki
2021-09-17 at 14:50
< report >Not exactly a sale but DMM has a 25% off for one purchase for new customers, so now's a better time as any to make a smurf accou--*cough* I mean a new account if you are a new customer
#141 by sevenbar
2021-11-26 at 01:59
< report >Jast Cyber Sale until 11/28

Some notable discounts are:
60% off Eiyuu * Senki
60% off Sweet Home ~H na Onee-san wa Suki Desu ka?~
66% off Seinarukana -The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2-
70% off SoniComi
66% off Shoujo Mahou Gaku Little Witch Romanesque
75% off Shining Song Starnova
#142 by gvbn
2021-12-01 at 19:31
< report >Winter sales
DLsite link
DMM link
Gyutto link
Getchu link
#143 by ecchihieronymus
2021-12-05 at 00:33
< report >It's part of the DMM Winter sale but I wanted to make this more known because it's a bit crazy.

link choose any 10 of these 1500 titles and only pay 10k o.o

Lasts until 2022-01-13!Last modified on 2021-12-05 at 13:34
#144 by Jazz957
2021-12-19 at 21:19
< report >r85458 link This bundle is odd because it doesn't have the original Toriko no Shirabe. It's also a bit odd having an ensemble, propeller, or Pulltop game as additional choices lol. I know they're all WillPlus brands but at least Great Deceiver is a somewhat fitting choice. But it does seem like a good deal otherwise.Last modified on 2021-12-19 at 21:22
#145 by lucumo
2021-12-23 at 17:01
< report >Those 10 for 10k bulk promotions are quite common. DLsite has them pretty often:

General one for over 1600 titles link
Nexton one link

Grisaia 10th anniversary promotion, 5 for 8k link

(Also, screw me for buying a dozen titles for 18% off, then getting a 25%-off coupon not even 30 minutes later).
#146 by gvbn
2021-12-24 at 00:13
< report >If it's the -25% Christmas coupon then it can only be used once and on one product anyway, according to its description.
#147 by lucumo
2021-12-24 at 07:56
< report >You are right, only saw the "A 25% discount will be applied per purchase." and meh'd out.


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