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#101 by lucumo
2020-11-10 at 06:54
< report >Someone didn't read the OP, clearly...
#102 by barfboy
2020-11-17 at 03:26
< report >Norn/Miel sale between 50 and 90% off
#103 by gvbn
2020-11-17 at 20:12
< report >Speaking of which, you can get Akumakko wa Ijippari ~Anta nanka Atashi no Asoko de Sugu ni Toriko ni Shiteyarun Dakara!~ for free on DLsite
#104 by mutsuki
2020-11-17 at 20:20
< report >#103 thanks
#105 by gvbn
2020-11-29 at 05:32
< report >Gyutto winter sale: link

DMM winter sale starts on December 3rd
#106 by vario
2020-11-29 at 06:14
< report >In case someone is interested, Kazura Uta, doujin horror by the Corpse Party author, is currently 70% off on DLsite: link
#107 by gvbn
2020-12-01 at 20:23
< report >DLsite winter sale: link
#108 by thereservoir
2020-12-01 at 22:27
< report >Another sale season and the Catwalk games aren't on sale dammit! Maybe they'll get rotated in later.
#109 by gvbn
2020-12-03 at 02:01
< report >Winter sales have now started on all download sites

DLsite winter sale: link
DMM winter sale: link
Gyutto winter sale: link
Getchu winter sale: link
Digiket new year sale: linkLast modified on 2020-12-03 at 02:14
#110 by vario
2020-12-10 at 05:27
< report >DMM winter sale part 2: link

DESIRE - Haitoku no Rasen remake for 500 yen
#111 by gvbn
2020-12-17 at 08:14
< report >500 yen sale part 3 is up.

#112 by mutsuki
2020-12-17 at 22:58
< report >tangentially related. there's currently a DLsite coupon for 10% off Sayonara o Oshiete ~Comment te Dire Adieu~ and the coupon has this gem written in the description:



yup i'm just your average guy with homicidal tendencies about to commit a crime who desperately wants to cling to and rely on something

probably should call this game a missLast modified on 2020-12-17 at 23:00
#113 by kiru
2020-12-18 at 12:19
< report >To be fair, if you are depressed already, or generally have mental health issues, reading one of these kinds of games IS a bad idea.

There are a couple of other ones that can hit something nasty, like the second arc in Himawari with Aqua... needing a really damn big and long hug for example. The depression is just oozing out of that arc, and the atmosphere doesn't help. (trapped in space) And what I've heard about Aqua After... well.
Perhaps the warning can be a little different, but ultimately, you probably should refrain from titles like that. They are interesting and can be super good reads, but they WILL make you think. Just like depression does. When thoughts are your enemy, don't challenge them.
#114 by ecchihieronymus
2020-12-21 at 00:41
< report >- (just check my latest edits -.-)Last modified on 2020-12-21 at 01:04
#115 by gvbn
2020-12-24 at 07:08
< report >500 yen sale part 4 is up. Most notably Tomefure is 500 yen.

#116 by ecchihieronymus
2020-12-30 at 18:42
< report >500 Yen Sale Part 4 is up. Most notable are the VNs by Cattleya but also select InterHeart titles, and Monobeno.Last modified on 2020-12-30 at 18:42
#117 by harp
2021-01-23 at 20:36
< report >link
Get up to 90% off on your lolis right now!

There's also a multi-brand 10 for 10k yen including brands like Pulltop, and Guilty. r67722 is a part of it.
#118 by mutsuki
2021-01-23 at 20:39
< report >willplus why do you do this to me

just put the ensemble games on dmm on sale again i've been waiting forever since i missed the last chance
#119 by ecchihieronymus
2021-02-02 at 22:14
< report >Mink's 29th Anniversary Campaign - Up to 88% Off

Packs are cheaper on DMM, up to 50% of the DLSite sale, don't forget to still compare prices.Last modified on 2021-02-03 at 22:19
#120 by jazz957
2021-02-03 at 00:58
< report >Same sale is also on DLsite. Not sure about other sites.
#121 by barfboy
2021-04-02 at 02:23
< report >500 yen sale
Includes the softhouse seal library for 500 yen
Maybe you didn't hear that right.

edit: Okay, I jumped to conclusions, it's only 100 ... lol, only ... *ONLY* 100 softhouse seal games for 500 yen. That's still 5 yen a game. I had to buy Zettai Junshu ☆ Kozukuri Kyokashou Paradise!! ~Aa, Subarashiki Haramasekai~ seperately but if I had paid attention there's also a double pack with the first Zettai Junshu for the same 500 yen.Last modified on 2021-04-02 at 02:46
#122 by ecchihieronymus
2021-04-02 at 11:47
< report >Jesus Christ...9 wishlisted titles, 500yen each. Sister Lesson, Mama x Kano's FD and Mankitsu Happening are among them!
#123 by ᔕᕼᖇOOᗰᒪOᖇᗪ
2021-04-02 at 15:21
< report >Looks like someone was in need of some quick cash. I'll bite.
#124 by thereservoir
2021-04-02 at 22:54
< report >I'm kinda torn. On one hand that 100 title pack is such an insane deal you can't pass it up, but on the other hand I don't want to have all those games fill up like 4 pages in my library.
#125 by barfboy
2021-04-03 at 01:53
< report >It's one single image on your list though. That's the way all the sets work.