10 years anniversary

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#1 by chipp12
2019-10-29 at 07:28
This company has just celebrated 10 years anniversary with:
- DMM sale (ended already)
- Chronology page link
- Character popularity poll (results) link
Kind of sad to see how they've changed direction since 2017 and how they've managed to fail their Steam debut twice but I guess there isn't much to do here.

By the way if anyone's interested they're also hosting web radio with Sasakibara Yui as MC that you can check on their youtube channel:
#2 by kiru
2019-10-29 at 07:43
Well, their Steam stuff was so halfhearted it was meant to fail anyway. One of them was even a machine translated game, if I remember right.
But yeah. It's sad to see them only spamming their roguelike at this point. You'd think it gets boring for people playing them, as especially this type of roguelike is quite samey, but alas.
#3 by eacil
2019-10-29 at 21:21
I keep hearing "they were better before", but after playing one of their godawful game, I still need a proof they were any good at any point in time.
Edit: when I said "before", I was talking about Studio e.go!.Last modified on 2019-11-03 at 09:49
#4 by sanahtlig
2019-10-29 at 22:13
Seeing that all of Debonosu's releases have been classified as "doujin" lately, I'm guessing they're part-time or have let many of their staff go. They're likely not profitable and their days may be numbered.

I've played a number of Debonosu / Studio E.go's games, and story-wise they can't seem to do anything other than half-baked moe comedy and gratuitous sex for its own sake. It's a shame because while the gameplay systems are varied and often pretty decent, the games are usually held back by tedious storytelling.Last modified on 2019-10-29 at 22:16


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